Need advice asap on what to do about ibiza this year??


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Hello people!

I have been to ibiza the last two years and stayed at the club paraiso (ibiza rocks) both times. Before that went to malia, Kos, Magaluf twice and Lloret De Mar.

Now this year the lads are all split on what is the best idea to do.

These are the options,

1. Ibiza in early july for 10 days but not in san an so possibly PDB (any hotel recommendations).

2. Ibiza in september for a long weekend, and a week in zante or ayia napa in june/july.

3. Cancun in june for summer break.

4. A villa in San Raf for 10 days. (Sounds best option but some the lads are worried that we will be lacking the vibe and atmosphere that you get round a decent hotel pool etc).

Really appreciate any advice.

depends on what you want. but i would choose the villa in san raf. you might be in lack of the fun of the hotel but a villa...10 days...choose one with a pool! and its not so far from san an and ibiza town! amnesia is close by so is Privilege and underground! i think it would be the best choice!
good luck!