ne 1wanna meet up



6 belfast lads goin 2 ibiza on august 10th - 24th anyone wanna meet up.
were stayin in san antonio.
Damn! I m leavin Island in Aug 10 :cry: + :lol: Respect to all Girls from Belfast. I've been in Romance with Belfast Grl called Michelle ... Veeery smart Grl)))))))))) nd charmy)))
i would but im with 3 lads so not what ur looking for, browneyedgirl on the other hand could be a different story ;)

Browneyedgirl, how long are you going to be in Ibiza? My group is arriving on Aug. 30, would love to meet up!
We are there for two weeks so that will b great we could all meet up no problem. Where you staying?

5 weeks 2day and i cant wait

I know, I can't wait either! I just sent you a PM...let me know if you don't get it, k?