Name this tune....please


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Its quite funky, but not too funky, and it goes...

"I found a place, where we can boogie.....boogie tonight"

Anyone know it???

Dr Fox, your normally good at these, counting on you!

Got it but can't recall the name at the mo....leave it with me. Quality though.....sounds like proper 70's funk that tune. the top of my head i think it could be the lyrics from Boogie 2nite by Tweet.....could be a start anyway!!
Just remembered it's on Clubbers Bible Winter 2003 the DB Boulevard mix......tunarooney! Got there in the end :D
The DB Boulevarde mix is bleeping ace!!!

Are you ready?
Are you ready?
I hope you're ready....

They play this all the time at Orange (the club in Vauxhall on Monday mornings)