Can any body tell me the name and artist of the tune that gets played on the 'Bora Bora' video clip in the dance trippers web site. to find type in clubbing videos, go to dance trippers, go to bora bora, select play hi and then 'NAME THAT TUNE' :D :D :D
DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - Together :D

it was released a few years ago - last summer "so much love to give" was considered as "Together II"
cheers mate!!!!!

cheers for that mate thats helped me loads. do you know where i will be able to get a copy of the tune on cd single, album or even burnt onto a cd? :lol: :lol: :lol:
probably the most annoying dance tune of the year. After a few more listens, you'll be wanting to kill yourself........ ahhhhhhh :twisted:
The tune's amazing, I have a copy tucked away in my record collection. Not sure where you'll find a copy on the format you want though as it was never released on CD to the best of my knowledge.
To be honest I really dislike that tune...

1. the main mix has no mix in, so it's vocals all the way
2. it goes on for about half a f'''ing hour..... I get the point OK, now do somthing more imaginative

on it s defence

1. It's not going to be played as much as "Make Love", which is already getting legendary status as the most overplayed shakedown - at night of 2003.....

2. The bassline is quite good and once your're spanked it's a great sing along tune.... Not like the words are difficult though!
Does anyone know the title of the mix of Together that goes 'let the music take control' then the Together bassline drops in.

Morrillo dropped it at Bed a couple of years ago, the place ****in errupted like something you see in Beefa!!