Name that DJ at We Love Space 30 August!!


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I'm hoping someone here can help me track down the name of the DJ wearing the TRAX T-Shirt playing in the main room at Space on Sunday 30 August around 3ish-4.30 (he may have come on earler but that's when we went back into that room).

A lot of the other clubs had the set lists posted around the club but i didnt see any at We love...

Anyone there know or could point me in the direction of someone who'd know?

He was absolutley AWESOME.

Any help greatly appreciated.

it was zombie nation, he played 2 weeks , normally it was anounced felix da housecat , i don´t now why doesn´t played felix, and played zombie nation again.

Thanks for the tip with Zombie Nation - will look him up. Was definitely not Felix - this DJ was white with dark hair.
ok so i contacted Zombie Nation via Twitter and he said "could have been me or Mehdi :) Riton 00:30 - 02:30 // Zombie Nation live 02:30 - 03:30 // Dj Mehdi+Busy P 03:30 - close //"

Jolly nice of him to reply!!!

However, the guy was white, dark hair wearing a TRAX t-shirt so can't have been DjMehdi I dont think and the DJ I'm after definitely finished his set dot on 4.30 so bit confused now as cant be Z-Nation.

Have tweeted him back but no response (am sure he has far more interesting things to do).