Hello to all Ibiza lovers ;)

First of all all I want to say that the spotlight website and the forum is one of the biggest helps and best source for informations on Ibiza :idea:

I were 4 times on this beautiful island and always had very good experiences and the bettest clubnights of my life (except Manumission :twisted: ).
This year I will return to Ibiza in August 23th to 30th :D

I heard from a few people that I don't have to miss a very special night on ibiza: Namaste experience @ Las Dalias (were's also the bettest hippiemarket on ibiza is). They said that they had their best night there but in an completely other way than going to a club :eek:

I checked there website and it looks and sounds great :eek:
Now my questions:
Is it still on wednesdays?
When is the best time to go@ (don't want to sit in an empty place or miss the whole show)?
How much is the entry?

Can anyone give me a review of his night there???

I'm sure anyone can help me ;)

Oh my god, my first message in here, I'm so excited. Always read@the forums but now I'm a part of it :cry:

Before I'm getting to emotional I wish you all a nice weekend 8)

its still on wednesdays. you will find the answer to all the other questions here: ;)

the closing party of namaste is today (wednesday 24th) featuring among others hilight tribe (also at las dalias tomorrow) and the dj xavier fux (the guy behind the cool new mexican restaurant zulu lounge in s'arenal petit, portinatx) :!:

Wow the colours in those pics sure are vibrant. Good quality slide film whoever took them. Is wasnt you Mc was it?
hi blub,
i have also been in ibiza the first time this summer... i was alone on my holidaytrip...
las dahlias was wonderful ( with the spacegarden...
and in the hills i ve been on outdoorparty...
the music is much faster than in germany...

you are from frankfurt! maybe i can write in german... das beherrsche ich doch dann viel besser... ;-)

hilight tribe spielten auf der hoffmannparty in der schweiz! die haben power!