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Saturday 10th January sees’ the reopening of the Cross with s transatlantic treat. Since house music’s inception it has gone through many changes and evolution and none have been more notable that San Francisco’s house imprint Naked Music. Taking influences from New York and adding a very distinct laid back West Coast vibe, Naked quickly put west coast house on the map with key releases from Blue 6, Auqanote and Miguel Miggs. With an individual look and lounge styling Naked is one of the most coveted global house music labels. Naked Music’s Mauricio Aviles will be flying into town for a rare UK appearance. With a unique blend of latin beats and the rounded sexy soulful baselines, Mauricio epitomises the sound of the label

Room 1:
Mauricio Aviles (Naked Music/San Francisco)
JB (Dance Wicked/Honeytrap)
Luke VB and Tim Red (Blonde)

Room 2 hosted by Halo:
Monkey Boy Roberts
Tom Caris - Live lead guitar
Jim Butler - percussion

Room 3:
Siesta Brazilia

£15.00 admission
Advance tickets available from or by calling 08700 600 100 or pay on the door
The Cross,
Arches 27-31, York Way, London N1 0BB
Tel: (020) 7837 0828
wasnt this free entry to anyone with a ticket to the new years eve bash?

Nah - that's free entry to Space's (the London promoter not the Ibiza club) birthday party. Think that's at EGG mate.
OOOh .... there are times I really wish I lived nearer to London !!

We picked up one of the "Naked" cd's during the summer ... loved them SO much that we now have the lot !!!

Recommended !!!
been a big fan of Naked Music since the blue six album first came out. my fav label by a mile. their trentemoller ep was the best thing to come out last summer IMO
comin' at ya said:
Well, you all missed a good night.

Some quality music but a little crowded - as always with the cross.

What a superb night! Which Naked album should I get then? :D
Holly G said:
Which did you choose Midlife? I'm all confused! :oops: :lol:

Holly - I went for these 2 albums more on luck than judgement (based on the reviews)..

Nude Dimensions Vol.1 - Compilation
Beautiful Tomorrow - Blue Six

They will take a little while to arrive but I'll let you know what they're like. :D :D
Holly G said:
Which did you choose Midlife? I'm all confused! :oops: :lol:

Holly, Go for Nude Dimensions 2. Mixed by Mauricio Aviles. Thats the best nude dimensions ive heard.
Nude tempo by miguel migs is also particularly good, but nude d 2 is an awesome CD.

Hope you enjoy! i did! :D
On another note, as this post is way old now!

Anyone know of any Naked Music parties in London coming up?


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