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Had a decent week in Ibiza. Was out from 31st Aug until 7th of Sept. Stayed in the Jet Apartments in Playa D'en Bossa. Playa D'en Bossa is much nicer than San Antonio. Would have liked to have taken the trouble to go to Formentera and look around Ibiza Town but didn't get round to it - there's always next year.....

In terms of resteraunts, as well as eating in fairly standard run of the meal steak/pizza/seafood grill type places that abound Playa D'en Bossa, I do thoroughly recommend the Curry house that is just opposite Space. In there I had one of the best currys that I have ever had. Their Prawn Masala is unbelievebly is relatively inexpensive too. Coastline just along from the main sunset strip also has a very good menu and the mixed seafood grill is very tasty.

Club wise, Space for Sasha's bday was packed but rocking. Went to the perfecto night at Pacha which was a good night but was half empty and went to Cream cos we managed to blag VIP entry. Bora Bora is the best place to spend your afternoons and the Masseuse at the Pago Pago bar (just down from Bora Bora) is not only good value (25 euros for half an hour) but is very good and she is also a real cutie.

Afterthoughts and advice. Be careful out there!! The police (Green uniformed Guardia Civil) are much more active than I have ever known them to be and are pinching people left right and centre. I was strip- searched on my way into Space after my night at Pacha. Not a very nice experience despite my innocence. They also randomly patrol areas like Bora Bora and the sunset strip and are very mean looking - you have been warned.

My last thoughts are you will probably never see so many perfectly formed beautiful people in your life. Some of the girls and the guys are almost freakishly beautiful without even so much as a blemmish. I took a stroll round my home town when I got back and everyone seemed to be ugly - like me ...
i hear you brother about all those beautiful boys and gals. it took me three years before i plucked up the courage to 'walk the catwalk' in front of sa trincha to the sea :):)

it's not just that, they all look so interesting. a real feast for the eyes, whether boy or girl.
james said:
it took me three years before i plucked up the courage to 'walk the catwalk' in front of sa trincha to the sea

:p :lol: :p


well. I´m going for 2 weeks in the middle of August this time - and perhaps also for a few days in June as well.....we´ll see.

Last time I was with 6 friends and my husband - really nice, we hade the entire poolarea to ourselves, so we sat there for hours sipping orange Breezers and discussed music, went to Savannah for meals many times and watched the sunset - after that: uhhh.....parteeey! hehe

the weeks in Ibiza are amazing, but this year I´m going to see so much more of the island. Going to Skt. Grtrudis, St. Eulalia (last year I went, loved it!), Going horsebackriding and waterskiing and many other things! Yep this year will not be all about the booze and partying - more relaxing and not as damaging for my lives, as the other 4 times I´ve been there! ;)