My week!!!


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Hi all,
Got back on friday 20th and had an amazing time...really amazing.
Highlights of the week included Space....intense happiness and banging music. Those planes overhead take it to another level...bora bora next, didnt stay long but really cool musc and beach parties.
First friday of the plae, did the sunset strip crawl...Kanya, sunsea bar, coastline cafe, mambo (gave del mar a miss) and finished off in Savannahs for an intimate late drink with a few of the locals till about 5. Great fun :)
Manummision opening party..amazing spectacle but only stayed for a few hours...feeling a bit 'funny' :confused:
Lashed at eden opening party...Bangin, really hard...found it hard to keep up with the pace given the climate and thatst peoples energy levels are low due to lack of food etc..still good. Thought it was funny when Jordan (the special(?) guest) was blatantly pissing lisa off by fanning her with record sleaves when she was in the middle of a mix...some great photos!!

Mambo's still never fails to deliver IMO, amazing fire shows, packed chilled beach...the underwater pre-party was cool tho Tim Westwood didnt go down too well...i wonder why??The fatboy and emmerson played some cool funky tunes.
Masters at work (louie vega) was great on thursday...didnt make it to Pacha :cry: :cry: :cry: had a nightmare....mates wallet got nicked in the west end and we ran out of money. Trek to the cop shop in 40 degree heat wasn't much fun (about 2 miles out of san an, with no pavement and Gekko's running all over the place)

DIDNT MAKE IT TO COASTLINE ON THE THURSDAY SAFFY AND TOFFER....wasnt really in the mood due to lack of funds so just stayed outside mambos...hope you had a good time at Amnesia/MoS

Ibiza has not lost its magic (god, just listening to Danny Rampling playing live outside savannah on vibe...sad..)

Whoevers going soon......YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! :p :p :p
well, you've certainly put a different slant on these reviews. congratulations for doing something out of the ordinary!!
MrMambo said:
Mambo's still never fails to deliver IMO, amazing fire shows, packed chilled beach...
the underwater pre-party was cool
alright!! :D

Wow a whole year on. Yes I was mrmambos mate that had his wallet lifted. Damn the west end! We only were there cause we walked through it back to the apartments after Lashed!!!

Going back again on Friday, but not with mrmanbo this time, shame but he's going to the states this year so can't hold that against him!

Oh the memories that post invoked! The lock in type event in Savannahs - I'll never forget it. Truely, thanks to the barmaid I spent all night chatting up for 1) putting up with me! and 2) inviting us to the after hours drink / dance.

All I can say is




Bring it on, can't wait now, 4 sleeps to go! (Well tonights almost gone now so 3 and a half I guess!)
apart from the wallet stealing- sounds like an awesome week!!!!!

im down to 2weeks b4 i go!!!!!

cannot wait!!!!

reading this post has got me even more revd up!!!!