My Week of Madness



What can i say August 2002 was my first time in Ibiza and man i fell in love with the place.... And when my 2 m8's Dave and Lisa invited me out this year for another week and didnt have to think twice..... The clubs the people the music the sex its just mad....

You can go there and be ureself im gay and out there u can be as relaxed about ure sexuality and go enjoy ureself.... Im a mad dance fan and the highlights had to be Manumission and Darren Emerson at Pacha....

Basically if you love ure music, sun, sex gorgeous guys in my case but the women are fine too you have come to the rite place but word of warning bring loads of money i mean loads.... I spent 1500 euros in 7 nites but thats if ure an alco like me and go mad for all 7 nites.....

Its one big party that you just dont want to end bring on August 15th 2003 so any irish folk headin over then get in touch and party like the irish do .... Paul 8)