my week in ibiza


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Well i got back yesterday afternoon.

this has been my 6th time in ibiza, first time was in 00

this time we hired a villa in the hills and was by far the best decision. no neighbours, own pool, brilliant

sunday went to we love and was very suprised at the lack of numbers, none of the rooms were that full. last year i went earlier in june and it was way busier.

come to think of it the whole island was a lot quieter this year.

space was not that great to be honest and i think its time has passed.

monday we had to do the west end as we dressed the stag up. was a good nights entertainment but still very quiet

tuesday went to mambo for late drinks and chilled

wednesday went to ibiza town for drinks and had a laugh in the bars

thurs hired a private boat and went to formentera and salias. Ace. went to pacha for fmif. was sceptical to say the least but if you take it for what it is its a good night. was heaving and seemed the whole of island was there. also had a pink one and DO NOT TAKE THESE got to sleep sat morning..

maybe i am getting old but it does not seem the same place i enjoyed in early 00's. i am handing the flame onto the next generation now as i will be going else where in future
I'm still gonna be flying the flag for the old age well into my 60's then I may try to chill a bit lol ... What were you on about with a pink one hun??
I thought proper pills were made of mdma which is a substance that imo does not allow you to sleep after 3 hours lol
A lot of street pills have BZP rather than MDMA in them these days - keeps you awake longer and a far rougher comedown (apparently).
Unadultered MDMA pills will not keep you up. when you cant sleep all night and morning afterwards that means they had something else in them as well.

Dirty drug producers they are