my week in ibiza 21/6/09-28/6/09

dale copper

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now my head is still a bit fried so im hoping i wont miss anything out here. this was my 1st time in ibiza. from reading these forums there are a lot of people using the old "its not as good as it used to be" line. as i hadnt been before i cant comment on the nostalgia of it all, just my own experiences. im gonna try and include as much price info (taxis,drinks) as i can remember because a lot of that info was vague when i was looking for it.

Place Stayed: Playa Den Bossa, Bossa Park Complex- Apartmentos Ebano
Board: All Inclusive
Price(inc flights): £320 per person from Belfast
Spending Money: €550

21st- Space. ticket €40 with a free drink. walked so no taxi info. was really looking forward to seeing(or is that hearing?) Riton, the Ed Banger boys and Felix. arrived about 11pm. we had planned to get there earlier but the all inclusive drinking at the hotel got a little out of hand. one of my mates had had far to much and i didnt think there was a hope in hell of him getting in. having read about the bouncers on this forum i feared the worst. sure enough he let me in and denied entry to my friend. i went back to beg for him to get in. after a few minutes chat he relented, and we were in. happy days.

so we got our free drink and off we went to the discoteca- which was dead. but the music was good so we hung around below the dj box and had a dance with the 20 or so other folk and had our 2nd encounter with the bouncers. a different friend in bother this time. the lad is diabetic but i thought he had him self right before we came out so initially i thought he was just drunk. he dropped his drink on the danefloor and the bouncers were straight over. i stepped in, promised he would have no more drink and i would keep an eye on him. they seemed happy with that. then his head started dropping and i knew it was the diabetes. the bouncers came over again and when i told them what the problem was they took him straight out to the medical staff who picked his blood sugar levels up again. unfortunately they wouldnt let him back in so it was back to the hotel with him. i realise the woes of my friends are of little interest to you folk but as they are linked to the actions of the bouncers i thought it was important. for the most part i felt they were dead on.

so, now it was time to start enjoying myself. back to the main room. i have no concept of time from here on in. Riton had started and the place was filling up. thought Riton was great. really seemed to get the room moving. or at least down at the front. had seen him at the start of may so had an idea what to expect and he didnt disappoint. when mehdi and busy p started 2 of us decided to go explore for a bit. ended up chillin in the premier etage chatted to some randoms. now by this stage i had bought my only drink- 2 vodka and 1 tin of redbull- €31. yikes. water was €7. a friend told me beer was €12. back down to the discoteca and the place was really going off. dance floor was full and i thought the music was great. despite a few bumps that could have derailed the evening i had an excellent 1st experience at space.

oh and in response to a previous poster who said it was full of over 30's, i am 27 and the 3 others that were with me were 26, 22 and 19. i also noticed a very mixed age group. i wish i had taken my camera in as everyone else had one and the bouncers didnt seem to care.

22nd- Pacha. was a choice between pacha and cocoon but as we were going to amnesia later in the week we wanted a look at pacha. arrived shortly after 1 to find the place pretty packed. not much of a dance floor to speak of, as i had expected from reading this forum. it cost us €10 to get there from our hotel in a taxi. ticket was €37. beer was €12 and water €8. decided not to bother with the dance floor and positioned ourselves on the steps to the left of the dj box right in front of the dancers podium. some excellent long legs on show there i can tell you. again another excellent night. great atmosphere, obviously helped by the fact that the club was smaller than the others. any people we met were spot on and we had no bother from the bouncers at all. got my camera in no problem. will post a few pics when i get them uploaded.

so we left around 7. couldnt be bothered to queue for a taxi so went for a walk. just when we seemed to be getting lost who should we bump into? Steve Angello, Seb Ingrosso and Axwell. Amazing. Axwell and Ingrosso were a bit subdued but Angello stopped for a pic with us and seemed very excited that we had a good night.

24th- Meganite Opening at Privilege. arrived at about 2.30. ticket was €25, taxi from playa den bossa was €15. beer €9 and water €6. again no problem getting my camera in and snapping away. the 1st thing you notice is just how big the place is. there is a huge area behind the dj box that was closed off. i got what seemed like the greatest hot dog in the world(drink will do that to you) and ate it on some outdoor treehouse sort of thing, im sure people who have been before will no what im talking about. so back down to the main room and it was dead. music was sounding good but no crowd=no atmosphere=no fun. time to visit the terrace. best decision ever made. it was excellent out there. the crowd were in great form and the music was great. really rescued what could have been a disappointing evening. best i could tell they shut up the main room early

25th- Cream. ticket €37. beer €10. i think water was €7. again arriving about 2.30 i made it in no problem with my camera but the 1st sight i saw was someone being marched out, camera in hand so i figured i would keep it in my pocket for now. went to the main room 1st i think sander van doorn was playing. wasnt to keen on him so into the terrace for 3 and sasha. brilliant. the terrace was rocking. after a while i noticed people taking pics with no problems from bouncers so decided to go for it. big mistake. bouncer was straight over. thought it was game over but he just told me to put it away. phew. sebastian leger up next. was really enjoying his set but at around 6 the room pretty much emptied which was a disappointment. Giuseppe Ottaviani was playing the main room but im just not a big trance fan so couldnt get into it. went outside at this point and found another of those great hot dogs and waited on my friends

26th- Trip to the West End. cost €25 in a taxi from playa den bossa.
the only good thing i have to say about the west end is that you can find good drinks promos. if i never have to go back there again it would be a good thing.
i didnt see the rest of san antonio so i dont want to tar it all with the same brush but i thought the west end was an awful place.

and thats about it. we stayed local on the saturday night as we had a mid day flight on sunday. all in all an excellent week away and really enjoyed my 1st time in ibiza. im back on the 23rd of september with my girlfriend for the meganite, cream, we love and cocoon closing parties. see you all there!!!!!
Every review im reading seems to mention the bouncers at some point, ive never had any problems in the past, hope this year is no different.

Good review mate.
great review with alot of nice tips for Ibiza virgins and also for the non-virgins ;)

see you in September, as i'm also there for the closing parties at around the same dates you'll also be! :D
Yep, great review. I wish I could remember the nights half as well as you have :) Meganite was frustrating as heck last year as the music was immense but atmosphere dissapointing.

Im off with my girlfriend at the end of August. Had an even better time with her last year than the fellas a lot of years back, so hope you have a ball!
Yep, great review. I wish I could remember the nights half as well as you have :) Meganite was frustrating as heck last year as the music was immense but atmosphere dissapointing.

Im off with my girlfriend at the end of August. Had an even better time with her last year than the fellas a lot of years back, so hope you have a ball!

Hey might see you there!