my trip(my first & defently not my last)



my first thoughts of ibiza is not flying in & seeing the island for the first time but walking into cream on thursday night!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
i can still feel the music hitting my chest.i am getting chills down my back now just writing about it. just seeing the size of the terrace & out of the corner of eye seeing the main room going sick(with music lasers & people)
so thursday night we stayed at cream.didn't stay till the end as we had just arrived that day after flying for 25 hrs leaving australia on wed morning.Friday we walk around old ibiza town.that night of to pacha(min of sound)once again blown away by size of club people music etc.went back to amnesia later.Saturday spent drinking around pool.after listerning to Marco our local mate who we meet thurs night who looked after us with every need we could want.worked at one of the cafe down in the harbour(port)decided to go privlege.OH MY GOD the size of that could fit our local club 3-4 times over just in the main room.after leaving there at 7 in the morning(once again our clubs shut at 3am!!!!others open till 5am & one day club but one & half hour drive away.via the hotel then straight to space for we love sundays.arrivig back at hotel for shower change of clothes & some food just lay down briefly.BIG MISTAKE.we all woke up monday none of us we happy about losing sun night.monday we hired a car to drive to san antono.there an expreince for you.thats a whole another story.we went & watch the sun go down from cafe del mar.our last night we went to manumission.we almost didn't get to see we won this holiday our travel agent had us leavig mon morning & night in madrid before coming home.well it was well worth the trouble we made our travel agent to go through to get us on the early tues flight.but the only problem with that was we had to leave at 5.30 straight from manumission via the hotel to the airport.still off chops!!!!after a long flight we made it back to australia.
we do now that next time OH YES THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.we need to stay longer & bring lots of money.spent lots over there but the conversion rate between $oz & euro ain't that good.but it was an experince that will never ever forget.
to me the best club is i said at the start never fortget walking into cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great review muzz - all the way from oz - straight off plane into club, and vice versa on the way home :D

now that's dedication!
Great Review...
I love reading about other people's experience's!!! So good to hear u guys had a wonderful trip.....Can't wait to make our memories!!! One week to go!!