My time over there :)


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I wrote this email to a mate when he asked how it was... closest I can get to a review so here it is.

Yeh we had a great time.

Getting there and getting back was seamless. Bristol airport one min litre of Sangria on a beach bar the next :) Day one explored around, stocked up on booze n food then went down the beach. Made sure we were at Bora Bora for half four when the music comes on - that was cool (not the sea of heads bobbing up and down and free party carnage from years gone by admittedly). Ended up having a few beers and headed back there later for one before tearing ourselves away for an early night with DC-10 in mind the next day.


I was up at 5am with a vodka sat on the balcony, I just could not hold down the excitement for the trip over to DC-10. Don't remember much about the day, drank a fair amount though :) DC-10 was the best night of the week - **** ourselves at the Guardia Civil and security when waiting for it to open tbh!! But once in met some really cool folks had a wicked time, great music and not too bad drinks prices. Hope it will be open next year but from what I can tell this was the last. Wicked buzz in that place - a proper festival type atmosphere. The Mrs loved it - got some videos when I can find my data+power phone cables arrrrggghh!


Well. Got up around 11... felt aching all over, thought fak me I must have partied hard... then coughing up loads - looked at the amount of empty fag packets and didn't worry too much... sat on the couch then started getting hot and cold sweats NOOOOOOO I'm bloody well ill! Come down with a fever, was rubbish!

We ventured out regardless - went to Ibiza town but I really wasn't enjoying it now, so gutted that I was ill :( Didn't bother going round the castle which is why we went over. Made it to the harbour and got a ferry boat back to Playa D'en Bossa which was a god send at the time. Back to the apartment/beach, few more beers. Thought fak it - went and got a decent deal on the tickets for the Garnier night @ Space.

Space... Expected greatness! Walked into the main room, pretty impressive! Best sound system, really well done out and the music was great. Thought we'd have a look around at the 7 rooms or whatever number there are... Only the main one was open :( then after a while just got fed up with the amount of Gucci wearing, look at me I'm at Space, Sunglass clad pretentious fukwits there was in that place!! Gave it a couple of hours as you do and then headed home pretty disappointed.


Was pretty much a write off, literally hung round the flat till around 4 sleeping and drinking! I felt pretty poo still to be fair. Ventured out and got a Pizza Hut! Think we had a beer in Bora Bora but really had a poor day that day :( In the evening b4 the sunset we ventured into San An. I was struggling. The place looked nice but I think it was very quiet - even for this time of year. Wondered up the sunset strip to show The Mrs, an underwhelming experience after the Cafe Del Mar hype she has read (definitely not what it used to be, even from two years ago). Got given bands for Picotto closing at Privilege which seemed to wake me up somewhat!!

About now is when we took your advice to go to Itaca. Dark by now, was pretty cool that little area all the lights and noises etc. I had Ravioli and The Mrs had Chilli. Was really nice, good service and tunes so nice one for that. But...! We decided to get a cocktail each - after downing this it did not agree with whatever bug I had and I literally needed to go home to pass out! Apologised to The Mrs as she we wanted to go to Priv etc. Got the bus back to Ibiza town and straight onto the Playa D'en Bossa one which was handy - I was not in a good mood lol! Time for bed...


Felt fully re-charged and up for it again! Can't remember much about the day time... Few cocktails I think, oh and a trip to the legendary Passion for some food (can't speak highly enough of that place). Right, we ventured over to Ibiza town spent a couple of hours looking round stopping of for drinks etc. Was really cool. Then off to San An. This time headed straight to Itaca for drinks and to get tickets for Cream closing at Amnesia. The Mrs was hilarious, she was dancing barefoot with this old couple. We waited for the free bus... missed it and ended up getting a dodgy cab with this absolute pair of nutters from London..., "We have got to be the biggest ****ers on the island. First day we lost our bank cards, second day our credit cards - we are the biggest ****ERS on the island." then there was a cuffafle as they were trying to find thier Cream tickets. TBH the whole event was hilarious!

Right into Amnesia we go. Nowhere near as plush and as gift wrapped "I'll wipe your ass for you as well" as Space. It did seem mostly Brits (no surprise there) we got chatting to some Spanish and Aussies. I loved the club, the lasers, the lighting was how I like it, people seemed there to enjoy themselves as a priority and not to suck each other off ala Space lol!! Music was OK (few classics thrown in - predictable but great fun), had a great night - the weeks only messy one by all accounts. But yeh, we were both satisfied with our nights fun and headed home for a few drinks and to chill out. Wicked night!!!


Friday was a cool chilled out one. Found a really cool beach bar a few up from Bora Bora. Ended up having a few sat there in the sun with some really cool tunes being played (Coldcut - Autumn Leaves). Think we spent most the day there really. Was "chilled" from the night before. The Mrs loved it but then chickened out of going on the Banana boat at the last minute after all the time she kept on about it b4 the trip! Early evening we got changed after an hour or so on the beach and headed to Ibiza town. We spent 3-4 hours here, had a good look round the castle and a good look round all the shops. I really enjoyed this day - it was really cool :)

Headed back around 9 and found this nice little local restaurant half way between Ibiza town and Playa D'en Bossa. The Mrs was on about a Paella (or however you spell it) from before we went so we had one here.. £50!!! Came out on a dish which must have been a metre round. Prawns, crab, shrimps, squid, mussels... Was absolutely stunning meal, but no way we could eat all of it!!!


Set our alarms and got organised for the first boat out to Formantera. This was the best day. 45mins over there. Wow what a beach - the place is stunning. We spent 4-5hrs chilling there before the coach trip to the lighthouse and to a spot where you can see the whole(ish) island. Bought some goodies from the craft shop there. Took loads of pics. Next year we will spend a good few days here - it's lovely. Now for the boat back the Playa D'en Bossa. This was well funny. It got really choppy and we decided to venture to the front of the boat. Got soaked and The Mrs was all over the place in her skirt - tears of laughter the pair of us!!

We decided to give Space one more try before getting back so when we got in packed all our bags ready for the morning. We went to Passion first for an awesome pasta dish. Seriously next year I want to try to eat there everyday!!! So off to Space we go. £90 to get in ouch!!! And within an hour of seeing all those utter ****ers all under one roof the "best day of my life" feeling slowly seeped from my body. To be fair The Mrs was the same - didn't like the buzz in there at all. The only thing I can say in it's defense it that out of all the clubs - this one has been hurt the most with the no daytime hours law.

So that was it really. Going home was seemless again and quite good fun on the plane. I have missed out loads of detail as am meant to be working... We are planning next year already.

I'll catch you soon bud.

There is a special festival in England once a year if you want to dance in the sun with awesome awesome music (or take your chances at the not so legal ones ;) )

Is Ibiza still magic? fuk me yes. Had the best time. The place is magic - it will always be magic imo.

Take care all.

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Good review - we were there similar time and I agree with what you said about Bora Bora/no daytime clubbing.

You should have stayed for Garnier @ Space tho, don't know what time you were there, they opened both rooms at midnight and LG played 3 hours inside, then 3 hours on new terrace and was AMAZING :D

And Passion is by far the best place to eat in PDB by a mile, I think we ate there nearly every day :lol:
LG is amazing end of. Seen him a few times over the (many!) years. TBH this is why we went back on the Saturday for Matinee as at the back of my mind, I knew we missed out there.

The night itself I was not well tbh - as in every touch of anything made me shiver!

As far as Space goes - the only time I would go back is if it opens in the day again.

I am still buzzing from the trip though - literally blown life into me!

Glad you had a good one Barbie :)