my review,oh the depression


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well a nearly 10 days back i am finally coming close to been back to myself and thinking about next year already,what i will say is it was my first time there and while ive been in many countries around the world this was different especially compared to the rest of the resorts around europe and was deffinetly the best holiday of my life....
ill have to leave most of it as yous can understand as so much crazyness went on id be here all day,got there the 5th of sept for 2 weeks staying in playa bella in san an bay,not a bad little place,nice rooms and huge balconys.we had only arrived and we had made new friends from dublin which turned us into a group of about 20 and from the friday we got there we went till monday was the best time of my life,,wat people you meet over there.during this time we took in judgement sunday which isnt really my type but al the same i really enjoyed it,after this i needed some sleep

tuesday we went carl cox closing,now while a few of us where enjoying ourselves even though you couldnt move the rest of the group were not so we left even though i wasnt happy about it wat could i do,id been waiting for years to go to space then after 2 hours i had to leave
thursday went to cream which was a big let down for me,maybe it was the music or the crowd but just couldnt get into it,anyway we left about 5 and went back for a major session which went on way to long,
saturday we got free bands for people fom ibiza@amnessia and while i wasnt expecting much from this it turned into a amazing night,the music,the crowd were fantasic and to cap it off micah the violinist came out and played for about 10 mins,the hairs on my neck where still standind from this when leaving about half 5,after getting 3 hours sleep it was the day i was waiting for.WLS with guetta playing i was like a kid at christmas all day,so we hit bora bora which was my first time there and it was class,they played that praise to the jbs which is a cracking song and i got me right going then we hit space about 9,now after checking out all the rooms when guetta finally came on i walked out of the terrace,i dont know why maybe i was just tired but its still the only regret i have,went back in the main room were you could dance and dj sneak was amazing along with james zabiela.left about 5 as my body couldnt take anymore,
woke upi monday fresh ready for roger sanchez and had a great night,id seen him once before and didnt realy impress me but this time he was great.along with the old skool in the back room it really made it a great nite..tuesday day off.
wednesday and it was time to see my favourite dj in the world,ERICK MORILLO but of course the rest happened to want to go to privilage as they had passes,when we got to the club it didnt impress me and the music was awful,so four of us left and hit pacha and i have to say it was the best clubbing nite ever,dirty south warmed up for morillo but when erick came on he just brings it to the next level.when he played the new mix of lolas theme the roof nearly came of and he also looks like hes enjoying himselve not like the rest of them, anyway wat a nite and my last clubbing one of the holiday,continued drinking ill thursday and flew home friday to the worst deppression ever,am i going back,for sure was ringing today to see can travel agents do 3 weeks but there saying they only do 1 or 2 weeks,anway way place,