my review of my ibiza 2003 trip.



or the holiday form hell.

well almost.

i was ment to spend 14 nights in ibiza going mental have havin it large.
that was just not to be.

i went with to mates. a good mate and some one i would call a friend. especally after this holiday.

well i don't do drugs but the other 2 do. to the effect that for the first 5 days their was just row's until my mate went home it was that bad.
leaving with the worst person to be on holiday in ibiza.
the same person spent £800 in 4 days. and suprise he ran out of money

so i spent most of the last week going out on my own, what fun.

o also had my cash cards stolen 3 days from the end of my holiday so i ran out of money 2..

o due to my idiot friend running out of money missed out on the following nigths out that i had paid for. hed kandi opening party and tonic after party at space. not happy.
well that the holiday form hell. here's the usefull review bit

the sun set strip still rocks, coastline must be clearing up this year with some mental pre parties.

es parasid on sundays for helter skelter and a bit of old skool was well good.
as eden. retro was mental as was lashed well worth checking out.

hed kandi looks excellent and they are spending tons and promoting it i hope does well.
also manumission his picked itself up this year.

as for eden fair drink policay it does not exist.

the weather was fantastic. bar m was still good as ever.

think subliminal is winning over underwater for the fight for pacha.

got to what erick do a pre partie at mambo's that guy is pure class.

i did find that this year every fighting for the same people and due to the euro it's not a cheap as the days of pasat's

still i still love ibiza and i will return. mayve even this year for a weekend.

have some new ideass for next years trip. one being i want to hire a harley and ride round ibiza..

well thats all for me and 2003 ...

little warning the police and the gardie cavile have mounted bit drugs bust op. inculding undercover officer posing at sellers a buyers be carefull.

well i am back in the uk, back on spotlight and back at work... 8)
Great review K, pity it wasn't all you'd hope for but glad you made the best of everything :D

I think a wkend trip over there is just what you need :p :D
was u and ur mates wearing black tops with " girls on tour" on the back and something like minx and kinky on the front?

as me and my bf noticed 3 girls go out together to ibiza but on they way home u could tell they had a huge argument as they were sitting apart.
sorry to hear that mate,still at least u got to ibiza this year,aint too happy about that eden fair drink policy

shame it didn't go as planned :-(

nice review though. what's this i hear about eden not doing a fair drink policy? care to elaborate?


edan and it's so called fair drink policay is rubbish their still charge over the odds for drinks.. not cheap drinks to be had. if your lucky when you buy a ticket for the night of your choice you soem times get a free drink.

but otherwise normal price it would appear.-
Shame you had a rough time of it but thanks for sharing it. Chances are though, in no time you will only dwel on the good stuff that happened and have some great "you wouldn't belive what happened to me" stories to tell for years to come. Everything has a goodside :)
sorry to hear about ur mates son.......sounds like u were up 4 a guddun and had some gd nites planned. Everyone seems to hav a bad holiday at some stage and hopefully that'll b the only one who have, definitely the only one on the white isle!!! :D
excuse my stupid typin!1 should read
"the only on you have"
"the only one who have" cos thats just rediculous!
Sorry to hear your trip didnt work out as well as expected. In all honesty mine wasnt all peaches and cream either but we choose to remember the best moments and hold on to them. Thats what keeps us coming back for more :p