My review 13th July - 20th July


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Ok i'm back. Sorry its taken me a few days to recover. Right here is the review of my 2nd year in Ibiza:

The previous year we stayed in San An Bay and only ever went to Edeen so this year we were determined to do more so here goes and I think we were a bit more adventerous this time:

Sunday 13th July - Arrived at Manchester airport at about 6pm so not a bad time. Was determined not to drink cause I know how tired I get and I was so looking forward to seeing Judge Jules. Anyway the plan worked and the flight was on time and i had my first drink on the plane. Not like some of my mates who by this time had already had too many. Anyway landed in Ibiza just after 10pm. Now we were going with Cosmos but they decided to put us private transport on instead of going on the main coach.
This was a god send, we were at the hotel 15mins after leaving the airport. We were staying in the Bahia hotel in San An Bay right behind the windmill and how nice is the hotel. Its lovely and cool when you walk in with marble and a glass lift. The rooms are big with Satellite TV so this was looking good. Time was now getting onto about 11pm and I was concerned about getting sorted out for the night. (Last year it was near impossible to get any sweeties on the first night). How wrong was I? straight down to Bar M and sorted. We relaxed and went back to the hotel for a few liveners. Judgement Sundays was fantastic, I know a lot of you guys dont like him but both in the main room and the funky room he was great. Very much out of it though, went chatting to him and his eyes were everywhere. Bit of advice, buy your tickets for Judgment in the bar next door to Eden, they are as cheap as anywhere and you jump the queue plus they dont search you :). Also most of you will know but always come out after 3am and go down the street to get your drinks so much cheaper than inside and the fresh air is always good:)

Monday 14th July - Woke up about 2pm, thank you so much cool air conditioning and felt really good, didnt drink a lot so no hangover. Went down to the Bar bar for some breakfast, which was ok nothing exciting. SPent the rest of the day by the pool, where we got pursuaded to go onto a bar crawl with Cosmos round the west end. Well I know how poor the west end is but we had friends whose first time in ibiza it was and we thought it would be a good way of meeting new people. Went to Savanah though for some food first to watch the sunset. Got our times all wrong and got there about an hour too early, so by the time id walked to the cafe we were roasting in our going out clothes. Sunset at the min is about 9pm so try and get there about 8, not 7 like we did. Had a few jugs of cold Sangria and had a lovely meal then went down to the west end to meet the bar crawl. This must have been the smallest bar crawl in the world, total pants. Anway stayed down the crappy west end but did enjoy a little bit of old skool in play 2 before we went back to the apartment.

Tuesday 15th July - Had a change of scenery and went onto the beach in san an, now I know this isnt the nicest beach and believe me we did intend to get out of san an and visit bora bora etc but im not the best after a night of drinking and we couldnt be arsed. We decided that tonight we would go to Pacha. Well 3 of us did the rest bottled it. Wasnt sure what the music was gonna be like for Underwater but I really enjoyed it. We went to mambo first and seen some of the most beautiful ladies in the worls then got the coach to Pacha. If you plan to do the same thing make sure you actually get a bus ticket, they said all we needed was our ticket with a mambo stamp on the back, but they were wrong and we were fortunate to get on the coach. Pacha is such a wonderful club, and it took us an hour to wonder round and find all the different rooms. Lotties was on when we got there and I think she is a bit hard for my liking but Darren Emerson was fantastic. Drinks in Pacha are ridicuoulsy expensive but we were naughty and went mind sweeping to save ourselves money. (Not reccomended kids)

Ok im gonna carry this on tomorrow i still need to catch up on sleep yet. If you guys have any questions so far please ask away, if not ill carry on at work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Bye for now
pretty good so far.......
A crappy bar crawl in the west end. Talk about not being able to organise a piss up etc etc etc