My overall review Fri Aug 28 - Tues Sept 1

Chris L

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So wasn't sure exactly where to put this, but figured in clubbing reviews would be a good spot. So the list went something like this: friday - Dc-10 for Life & Death, Sat - Ushuaia for Ants, Sunday Beachhouse for Rumors and later Pacha for Solomun+1, Monday - day of rest and unfortunately skipped Cocoon (I know, I know but I'd seen Hot Since 82 4 times this year and i just wasnt in the mood for the hit or miss style of Villalobos), and Tuesday Beachhouse for Diynamic and Space for Music is Revolution headlined by Mr. Beyer in Carls absensce.

I'd start by saying this, Solomun +1 w/Ame was the all around best party of the night. There is a nice mix of people, I feel it draws people who really are there for the music, party people, and of course the beautiful dressed up females seem to be out for this one too. To keep it short since I've mentioned in another thread Im a huge fan of Kristian of Ame and Solomun played the best solo set I've heard of his yet I think, there B2B was more than fantastic as well, stayed til the last track somewhere in 830am range if i recall correctly.

Life & Death at DC-10 musically was fantastic, some of the crowd didnt seem to know what the night was about, but didnt seem to negatively effect the party. I thought the setup in the main room (design wise) was really pretty special and something that needed to be seen. I thought Tennis played a great set and Mano followed with a nice one as well (I skipped prob about a half hour of Mano to catch some air). Not always being the biggest Tale of Us fan myself, I thought they played an excellent set, the first half hour was really rocking and the room was very very crowded but still not unbearable. Was actually really really happy to skip Music On for this and would have made the same decision again in a heartbeat.

Ants at Ushuaia to keep it simple was just OK. The music was not bad but without any real draw in the lineup for me I felt it was more of just something to see. Believe it or not it was my first time to Ushuaia having been doing about 4 seasons now I felt it was time for a visit and learned I will most likely just not be heading back there. The crowd was good I should mention but all in all, I'd have rather just hit the beach.

Back to Sunday, Rumors at Beachhouse, sad to say this clearly just became I guess the see and be seen party? The crowd here made no sense to me, also the music was hit and miss, was there from around 6-11, and i am unsure of who the 2 djs were prior to guy gerber. Music from 6-730 was great and then from 730-9 was just downright awful, and then guy came on around 9 i think and played some good tunes but it was just way too crowded. Im a huge Guy Gerber fan and caught several of his nyc open to close sets at Marquee some of which probably only had 100 people and he still played massive sets, so i am happy he is doing well with this party, but it unfortunately was just not my favorite.

Monday was a day of rest, actually hit Sa Caleta beach for some R&R and really toyed with the idea of Cocoon as it killed me to skip but all in all I think it was the smart move for me at least.

Tuesday Beachhouse for Diynamic, mentioned it previously that I really enjoyed this party the first visit and felt the same this time around. Diynamic crew has been musically on point and think they have a good party going.

Tuesday night at Space, for me was excellent, but I guess without Carl Cox it just didnt seem to draw. I tried to find some of the Spotlight crew for the takeover but it didnt seem to be working on so sorry i missed you guys but i may have been a little mashed up as well 8) Anyway I thought more people would be interested in Digweed who played a decent set but he didnt seem to draw all that much. For me the night was really about Adam Beyer, who I thought really came out thumping and did a great job really rocking that main room. Space's main room is truly probably my favorite spot in any Ibiza club and seeing Adam Beyer there was really cool for me. However, I found the scene/people at this party a little clueless and probably the lamest for a big club night. Not sure if that is typical of Carl Cox parties (I'd only been to 1 prior and it was a few years back).

So after all that, my big takeaway which is really nothing that isn't already known, Solomun is king of the island right now. Marco may be hitting it big with Music On and Cocoon is still Cocoon, but people seem to really be buzzing about Solly +1 and I think rightfully so. Seems scary to think that night can get any busier next summer but maybe its great he is doing the parties with Destino for example so people have other chances to catch him. Glad to see Adam Beyer can still rock it when he wants because he'd been playing a lot of more groovy tech housy type sets through the summer which just dont work for me (not from him at least). Already looking forward to the winter rumor mill and planning for next summer!


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Tuesday Beachhouse for Diynamic, mentioned it previously that I really enjoyed this party the first visit and felt the same this time around. Diynamic crew has been musically on point and think they have a good party going

Couldn't agree more mate, that was my best night by a mile... and FREE

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Yeah that Solomon night is very exciting...Pacha out in full force. Ive written about it already, but I got really ruined for that one!

I didn't feel Ants as well but it seems to attract a huge crowd for some reason. Must be the structure of the party which starts at the small pool area then goes to the front a d the way they promote it. The music was really all generic tech house, and I've heard so much about Kolsch but when I heard him I was like whatever.

Scary to hear Digweed not drawing ppl! I know he's not one of these newer guys on the scene but he's paved the way for a lot of em and introduced that journey style of set for everyone!