My life is....going thro some changes


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Would really love if someone could id the tune where this vocal comes from...very spiritual tune to sway along to!

Also, most quirky track I heard this year...Stand By Me at Ministry of Sound, Pacha.

Best tune for me was track 2 on Gee Moore's night mix Bora idea what it is but contains the female vocal "Its a love thing"....slammin!!!

Cheers all.
Hey, I think I just posted this question, think its the same track..

The only tracks I can find with changes in the title are these two :

Peter Presta and Ron Carroll - Changes
Sandy Rivera - Changes

Maybe its one of these two?
I think we must be talking about the same track, tho having now read your post I thought the vocals were from a guy rather than a gal but I can't be sure. Whatever, its lovely.
could be:

unkle - back and forth

has a lil thing at the start saying about back and forth etc. A bit later on the male vocal comes in: "i'm going through changes...." etc

Its the 1st song on his album