My last visit to Ibiza for.....????


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After we more than likely lose the EHIC card in November I have a little problem. I have to go to hospital for an ECG, then have a heart rhythm monitor fitted, then have to see a consultant to go through the results and then take action - which could be anything from a pacemaker to no action at all. This will take 6 - 9 months, and all the insurers I have contacted would only give me partial insurance, ie. for anything unrelated to my heart such as broken arm etc. Once I get a dignosis and then treatment, I can get full cover, at greater cost of course (but, hey.)

Normally the EHIC would cover any immediate and urgent illness (eg. blackout) but that won't be applicable after November so I can't risk a holiday anywhere in Europe (save for Gibraltar) in case I am dumped with huge bills if I become ill.

The loss of the EHIC card means, dear Ibiza, that you will be missing out on at least two, maybe three of my annual breaks and the £££'s that brings, especially off-peak.

Perhaps politicians on both sides (UK/EU) might bang their heads together and let us have the EHIC back (if we do lose it) after all, any costs incurred by us Brits abroad would be repaid by our NHS, so what's to lose??

Rant over....I have two more breaks before Oct 31 (Bidet) one in Ibiza, and one in Menorca. Then, who knows? I can't book anything until I have a diagnosis. ?‍⚕


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^ dunno how anyone can still support what they're doing when you read a post like that...

fingers crossed for you 2H76
Thanks, I hope the outcome will be that individual countries, if they are allowed, can make their own arrangements with the UK; I can't see why not.