my ibiza trip


il sindaco

arrived on august, 6 in san antonio, probably the best place to stay in ibiza, for the hotel, the bars and the beack (es pouet).

every night preparty at mambo, u can see carl cox, pete tong, d emerson, roger sanchez very close to u and make a photo with him.

the first week i use bus and taxi. the second a car. if u want to live ibiza by night and make you confortble take car. taxi are difficult to find and you must take a queque of 1 hour min.

every night you have to choose your best club, it's all expansive, too much exp! in your country you never spend 45 euro for a club...but ok, if you are in ibiza....

best night:
PACHA, best club, roger sanchez 8 hours set
AMNESIA, cool people, gay night are the best, the same people of Dome bar in Ibiza (one of the best).
SPACE only Terrace. The main room is too dark. On Sunday i ve see FatboySlim play LAYO & BUSHWACKA and UNDERWORLD!

worst night:
MANUMISSION @ PRIVILEGE. It was a shit, it's for tourist and young boyz in search of sex show. But it never happened. Only circus numbers sponsor by Orange!

On thursday i ve see HUMAN LEAGUE at Privilege for YOUR DAY. I loved it!
But the problem is they play at 4,25 am so many people have left the club beacause boring.

Best bar:
For the night MAMBO. Capirinha is fine and cost 8 e.
Also Savannah is good.

Worst bar:
cafe del mar, boring.

Best beachbar:
BORA BORA. THe best place in Ibiza for dancon at 3 pm, it was amazing and totally free.
SA TRINXA for the atmosphere. John Sa Trinxa mix some beautiful music.

Best beach-water:
(formentera syle)

On monday i visit Formentera. Good water but too much italians (snob) and boring atmosphere.

Best shop:
Mega music and Plastic Fantastic in san antonio.

Best tracks:
Underworld 2 months off
Layo and Bushwacka Lovestory
Who Da Funk Shiny disco balls

Best old track:
Alan Brax Running

Best compilation:
Beachin by Jon Sa Trinxa
All by Hed Kandi :D

me and my friends will return on december 31!!!!!! :D :D
a do like a reviews that cuts straight to the chase!

nice one buddy :D