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My trip started off very badly actually, on the bus to Dublin Airport there looked to be some car crash or something and the traffic was desperate, i left in enough time anyway but what should'be taken no more than 30 minutes took nearly 90 and by the time i got to the check in desk the flight was closed, i was something like 10 mins late but i know from experience there's no point in arguing with them especially Ryanair who will just not change their mind, so panic sets in, i was due to fly to Doncaster/Sheffield then get train to Newcastle for the easyjet flight early that evening, anyway managed to get a 1 way flight to Edinburgh cost €75, arrived Edinburgh arond 2pm in plenty of time, British Rail are an absolute rip off though i think it was around 50 pounds 1 WAY to Newcastle which is only 90 mins away:spank: anyway i get to Newcastle and got on the Metro which was packed with Newcastle fans cursing the team after losing to Hull and cursing Mike Ashby too:lol:

Got on the flight 2 hours later and im away, got talking to some couple from Durham and i shared a taxi with them to San An which was great as i didn't fancy having to pay €30 by myself, walked up to Eden Corner where my mate works and dumped my bags and had some much needed drinks,shortly after an hour or so i went with my mate to his apartment 5 mins away and we dropped off my bags then back to the pub, he was finished about 3.30, by then the couple from Durham id met had arrived along with some people from Czech Rep i know who live in Dublin so everyone was having a laugh and lots of beers, the west end certainly wasn't as bad as i remembered it in previous years, i seen no fights at all and none of the madness that you usually see there.

Anyway when my mate finished we stopped off to get supplies and got a taxi to Es Vive Hotel for the Fierce Angels nite, once inside it was smaller than i thought it was going to be,but free in you cant complain, was only half full but a nice crowd and no posers at all (someone said there would be on here), drinks prices were a bit steep but certainly not an utter ripoff like the clubs charge, music was class, quality funky and soulful house,the DJ played Shapeshifters - Chime and the reaction was excellent and everyone was up dancing, by now it was after 6am and i was knackered after a long day so we called it a nite and got a taxi back to San An, one of the girls who does massages in Es Vive shared the taxi with us,sound girl forget her name, well impressed with Es Vive though definitely worth checking out and free in to which is cool.

We went back to San An and my mate brought me to an after hours cafe full of locals but you can get drinks there;) so in we went while the locals all eat their breakfast we guzzled pints:lol: met some people from Nottingham who looked the worse for wear but had a laugh with them, then about noon the sun was getting a bit too much so we went back to the apartment for a snooze, got up a few hours later and went around to Ibiza Rocks Hotel which my mate occasionaly uses to sunbathe, nice place, has 2 pools, one is fairly chilled which we stayed at for a while, the other is a bit more full on music wise, got some food, another disco nap then my mate had to work but id arranged to meet people at the Spotlight meetup so met someone first then, we stopped aff at Bay Bar which is still my fav bar of them all,absolutely beautiful, love the cocktails,plush seathing, superb deep n funky house and live sax player,top place, we left there about 10.15 to go to the Pink Panther and met the rest of them and it was a really good nite, and great to meet with people,,some i met before like Emma and others i didn't like Rebecca G from Chicago and the Chezzie lads, they were showing Jackass 2 on the TV, wow what a movie that is,some of the stuff they get up to is insane, anyway i promised my mate id go back and mkeet him before he finished work so myself and Rach went back and had some drinks in Eden Corner, still cant believe how cheap it is, 2 beers, 2 cocktails and 1 shot for a fiver is absolutely brilliant, my mate finished work and he has gotten us guest list for Judgement Sunday..not my cup of tea but it was free so we went in to eden which was quite full,and really good atmosphere actually,appeared to be mostly English there, the music though was IMO awful, cheesy trance and hard house,not my scene,after 45 mins we decided to leave where my mates work colleague got us into Es Paradis again for free:) walked in and i was astoundted as to how beautiful Es Paradis was,the only club id not been to and it is a beautiful sight, the nite was Bassline vs Garage, again mostly an English/London crowd at this but the music was actually quite good, some of it was a bit tacky but generally it was quite uplifting, my mate and his mate went off though in search of supplies elsewhere, we stayed behind until near the end when we left and went back for some Vodkas.

Got back to my mates early that afternoon quite bleary eyed, he was asleep but got up to see if we could hire a speedboat with some other lads he knows but there were none available so we just went back for much needed kip,it was really hot that day too and i was feeling the effects of lots of alcohol,anyay i got up a few hours later and we went for a walk around the Sunset Strip, San Antonio has come on a lot over the years,previously id have never stayed there but id have no hesitation in staying there again it really is a nice place, went for a few games of pool and a few pints, home to get changed,then back out to meet loads of other id arranged to meet for some MN2S pre party drinks, we just missed the sunset by minutes:confused: but we had some drinks, and having such a laugh before you know it was 2am so we all jumped in taxis to El Divino where we got a refund (other clubs take note) this was the only nite i payed into and for €25 inc a free drink and taxi it was definitely worth it, we got in and caught the last 25 mins of Joey Negro's set which was immense, he really is the king of House music, Michael Gray then came on, id heard of him but wasn't too familar with him but what a set,brilliant from start to finish, the club was fairly full and there was a really nice vibe there with hardly any posers either (unlike Hed Kandi nites)we chilled on the beautiful terrace for a while and just got talking to peope from all over the world and everyone was really sound, we managed to blag our way into the VIP,and the man himself Joey Negro was there having a drink,so we got some snaps and had a laugh with him,a really nice guy and nothing at all like some so called superstar DJ's who don't have time for anyone,we went back inside where Derrick Carter was on and he also played a cracking Chicago House set,upfront quality house,and the atmosphere was amazing, we stayed until the very end,outside we met Joey Negro again and he shook our hands and said enjoy your holiday and went of in a car,sound guy, we got a taxi back to San An,and straight to that restaurant place my mate brought us to last time but surprisingly it wasn't opened so back to my mates where we had loads of beers before i passed out.

I awoke the that day around 6pm and felt dreadful, id seriously overdone it that previous nite, im not used to going out on the tear 3 nites on the row either and it took it's toll, i thought my flight was at 10.25 for some reason so got my stuff together and said goodbye to my mate who is home in 2 weeks, went down the bus station to get a bus where i met this Dublin girl who was over there on her own we got talking to, she asked me to go to Space and do a load of K i declined,not into that disgusting drug and wasn't up for going anywhere as i was in bits, i wouldn't mind her flight to Gatwick was at 2am (she lives in london i think)so i got to the airport and then discover my flight to Luton isn't until 1.55am:cry: gutted, as if i didn't feel bad enough anwyay without a 6 hour wait, eventually i get on the flight, i was knackered at this stage gets to Luton and another poxy 3 hour wait for the flight to Dublin,never again ill just pay the extra and fly direct,got home slept until 6pm, couldn't sleep last nite kept breaking out in cold sweats,horribe,somehow went to work today and felt like death warmed up, then to add to my woes im told this evening im getting let go in a few days, the recession strikes another victim,so as you can imagine im not feeling too good right now but generally id a fantastic time over there, MN2S is IMO the best nite on the island if your into quality house music..

err that's it,ive rambled on too much,back to reality:cry:
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Hi Jonny,:) With regard to Es Vive Hotel, I think I said something about posers on here.I must have walked past the place hundreds of times,and seen plenty of"attitude" but nothing too outlandish,the one time I've been inside,to meet someone ,I felt like I was on a film set of over acting ex boy band members,trying to relaunch their ****ty careers....:rolleyes: Was in daylight hours btw.
Anyway,an interesting review,sounds pretty honest,who else confessed to going to Es Paradis?

Good luck on the job situ...:)
Cheers Don......maybe there are some posers there sometimes i just didn't see any that nite , i would go back there though, and free entry is good.

As regards Es Paradis, im not and never have been a club snob and only go to certain clubs, and i have to say Es Paradis is the nicest looking club inside along with Pacha, i thought it was beautiful and deserves some really big nites, plus we got in for free which was cool.:)
Interesting review Jonny and sorry to hear about the job! I'm sure that ths last thing you needed.... I was considering getting conecting flights as well, glad I didn't now though ;)
I know what your saying about Es Paradis and not being a club snob and all that coz I'm like you... but I have to admit, anywhere DJ Sammy plays, you won't find me :)
Anyway, keep er lit!