My Ibiza review 13 July - 20 july



It was my first time in ibiza i must say i loved it. All that ibiza uncovered is a load of ole pap. I didnt get no trouble from lookee lookee or any stick of lads in west end -so that was a major bonus. The ratio was shocking everywhere u go there is about 15 guys to one lad - so pulling wise u have to be xtra smooth or minted!! lol. I tried to fit in as much as poss in one week which was too hard! I dont knwo why peopel knock Manusmission if you havent been you have to go just to say u been there doen that. YES the prices are a joke and the bar inside major clubs rip you off big time - there are ways around it like caning a mixer before u go in or leaving a bottle outside. Bora bora is an essential !!! in ibiza, went to space, cream(PVD), eden (jules), Manmission,pacha(tong). My best day was bora bora actually came home with some euros in my wallet as well!! Went to loads of bars and to sanilles beach :oops: hehe !! I only have regret not goign earlier in my life accroding to these boards ibiza is past its best !! But i still think its a damn good week (or two) out.
mugambo said:
Went to loads of bars and to sanilles beach

where? :eek:

its called ses salines in eivissenc or las salinas in spanish!! ;)