My first time



This will be my first time in ibiza and i would like to know which city is the closest to big clubs,plz answer soon,so i can find accomodation there,
Are those clubs close enough to go on foot?i really want to go to ibiza!!!!!!!
well Amnesia and Privelege are in the middle of everytihng, If you stay in San An youll be near the local clubs in westend and es paradis +´Eden. If you stay near Ibiza town youll be close to pacha, space, el devino and the cool bars in the town near the marina as well

have fun!
Ibiza is such a small island everwhere is a short taxi ride away!
I don't think you'd want to walk to Priviledge or Amnesia as they are on a very busy and dangerous road. The disco bus is cheap, frequent and overall a superb service so I'd advice that all the time.

Space is in Playa Den Bossa so if you're staying there or in Figueretes, you will be able to walk it.