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Wasup yo’all … I’m new here .. got this awsom site form some friends of mine who were with me in heaven .. ops .. I meant iBiZa …any ways … just wanted to share this thing with yo’all .. it happened last week of Aug & first week of Sept. don’t remember the exact dates because WHO CARES lool … and hopefully will do it all again next year …

The crib …
Jet Apartments … I recommend them big time !! right on the beach .. could hear the music of Bora Bora from you balcony .. and talk about the NUDE that happened there loool ;) …. And also walking distance to Space ..

The Beach ..
DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNN … beautiful people … loud ass speakers everywhere to keep the ex… pumping  .. clear water .. nice weather .. awsom bikinis ..


El Divino:
To tell you the truth, I can’t remember any thing from that night !! it was our first night hitting the clubs and the boys keep telling me about “stuff” that wee did there and aaaggghhhhh... NO MEMORIES AT ALL !! the only thing I remember was the cute Monica .. Other than that!! BLANCK!!!

THE CLUB OF THE CENTURY … PRIVILEGE WAS THE BEST CLUB I’V SEEN IN iBiZa … I know a lot might not agree with me.. But, whenever u see Sonic at Manumission spinning, holding the mic and singing the famous “the music take me higher” along with a live performance of the Sax !! OH MY GOD !! words cannot describe it .. I HAD TO DO MAUMISSION AGAIN .. and I did ;) … I think it would be the best night when I see PVD, or TEISTO, or OAKENFOLD perform there at Privilege.. ALL TOGETHER WOULD BE SUICIDE !!

At the beginning, everyone who’ve been to iBiZa told me “YOU HAVE TO GO TO PACHA .. YOU HAVE TO !!” .. I did and to tell you the truth, the place was niiiice, the Terrace there was unbelievable, and the DJ’s were spinning like crazy … BUT the atmosphere wasn’t there .. it wasn’t right !! the lighting was so bright .. the crowed majority were Brits which most of them (not ALL) were in the wana-be-a-tough-guy mood !.. don’t get me wrong, the club is awsom and the music was tight .. maybe it was only a bad night for me … but the Brits were exactly like I said …

the place to be and the night to be was on Sept 4 !! PVD and Tiesto !! CREAM !! the ice machine !! the only club you wont swet your ass off lol … Aug 28 was Oakenfold .. I saw him in Amsterdam a week earlier, but in iBiZa he was a different DJ .. he was spinning like crazy !! he made CREAM his own night that night. On Sept 4 CREAM WAS EVERY PARTY ANIMAL DISTENATION.. Tiesto was incredible .. it was my first time seeing him live and trust me its not gona be the last .. then, PVD THE GREATEST !! his performance kicked @$$ BIG TIME .. HE WAS THE BEST IN CREAM, AMNESIA, AND ALL OVER IBIZA … walking in with his lap top and then took a look on the crazy @$$ crowd .. THEN .. execution !!! USE UR IMAGINATION .. lol


Ibiza without Space would not be “The iBiZa” … the best sound I’ve ever heard was in Space .. THE BEST CROWED .. and THE ONLY CAT FIGHT I SAW WAS IN SPACE lool .. duno why .. but it was a Miller-light-cat-fight if u know what I mean ..

The place to be Monday morning .. beautiful crowed … crazy music .. great atmosphere .. Unluckily went there only once but stood as a 365 day experience ..

Café ..

Café Mambo and café dele Mar … beautiful sunset .. never seen people who worship the sunset like the people there .. which I joined there holy sunset show along with my boys and the grass ..

KM-5 .. if ur ever feening for steak .. U GOTA CHECK THE PLACE OUT !! sooo beautiful .. so quite .. so relaxing .. and so on …

A lot more place we went to but cant recall them right now .. sorry .. but I gota bounce out and go back to work … by the way, what I said above was MY experience .. so no hard feelings .. take care .. TO BE CONTINUED ..
thanks for the review.

its always nice to read a review from an ibiza virgin.

glad u enjoyed it.

Thx … it was beyond enjoyable .. I’m still having flashbacks every time I listen to PVD or Oakenfold … or any trance maniac.. duno how I’m gona survive the next 10 months !!
MrSt0NeD said:
I’m still having flashbacks every time I listen to PVD or Oakenfold … or any trance maniac.. duno how I’m gona survive the next 10 months !!

join the rest of us.....everybody is the same situation.

the best way to get over your 'ibiza blues' is to stick stround this board.....

Ditto what Robo said re: reading a review from someone after their 1st experience, makes you think back to that feeling you get the first time :D :D :D

Sad to hear you didn't enjoy the Pacha experience, we have never encountered the vibe you mention. I'm sure you wont judge the club on this one time. Not sure which night you went to, but it certainly went off for god aka Sasha (i'm a recent convert!!)

Hope this was the first of many Ibiza experiences :D :D :D :D
yeah .. im sorry too for that Pacha night ... but still it was alrigggghhhht .. and the wierd thing that the night that i was there was the Pacha 30th Anniversary: Smoking Joe, Pete Tong, Jay T, Miguel Migs ... but oohh well .. $H|t happens sometimes ... right ...

i hope u 2 injoyed my pop-the-ibiza-chairie ... it was soooo satisfying :) ..

i wanted to ask something ... theres this new spot in Cypris or Greec thats competing with ibiza now .. the say its the second capital party city (after ibiza offcourse) but i heard its coming up big time and it might be the next ibiza ..?? have any one heard of such a place ??!! :!: :?: [/list][/list][/quote]
Ayia Napa - but that's meant to be the place for garage etc, not my cup of tea at all so I'm not tempted!

PS Agree about Cream on 4th Sept - a great night...
sorry but i didnt het what u ment by garage :rolleyes: .. im still living on slow motion mode :cry:

P.S. Space @ dubai pics coming sooooon (held on Oct 2nd) .. hopfully b4 the weekend .. stay tuned ..
Ayia Napa is a complete shithole :!:

I've only been cos my girlfriends family used to live there, but would never return :rolleyes:

However, my mate & his g/f went to Ibiza with us last year and just didn't get the vibe at all yet they LOVE Ayia Napa :eek:

Lesson1: Never compare Ayia Napa to Ibiza - you'll be very dissapointed.
nothing compared to Ibiza! some people prefer Benidorm and other boring places and when they come to Ibiza, all they get is the West End and think that the music in the larger places is weird and no fun...well, stay in Benidorm then if all you ever plan to do is to frequent the less flattering places of the West End
DrewUK said:
Lesson1: Never compare Ayia Napa to Ibiza - you'll be very dissapointed.

i hear u ... dont even compare it to heaven :D :D

next summer will be ibiza defenitly for me and the crue ... hope to see u all there 8)
i thought u all would be interested in this:

Check this event out !!!!!!

Yesterdayally announced the long awaited line up for this years Innercity party! Read on for the line up!

Finally Dutch party organisation ID&T announced the names from the DJ's that will play at this years Innercity 2003 edition! This year the party will be held on the 20st of December and the location is the Amsterdam RAI building again.

The biggest indoor event in the world will have 8 different stages this year hosted by different organisations. The theme for this year will be: Brasil!

Line up:
Paul van Dyk
Sven Vath
Stanton Warriors
Benjamin Bates
Mauro Picotto
Marcel Woods
Don Diablo
Dave Clarke
Cristian Varela
Takkyu Ishino
Bart Skils
Ricky Rivaro
Rio Coco Girls
Victor Coral
Brian S
Felix Da Housecat
Erick E
MC Nickie Nicole
Dex n FX
Lucien Foort
The Partysquad
MC Ambush
Johan Gielen
Os Bambas dos Samba
John '00' Flemming
DJ Jean
Cor Fijneman
AJ Crypt

More names will be announced a.s.a.p.

What : Innercity 2003
Where: Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands
When : December 20, 2003 / 21:00 - 07:00
Price: Tickets € 50,- / VIP € 100,-
You can buy tickets at and at the Free Record Shop
Minimum age 18