My fab weekend 11th to 15th (well just about) July


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I had been so looking forward to this weekend and flew out alone to meet my friends. We stayed at L'Anibals Hostel close (but not too close) to San An...really clean and everything you'd get in a hotel except a kitchen.
On Friday night we went into town and saw some looky-lookys and got sorted for the usual and a problems and no rip off :!: :!:

After a bit to eat over to Eivissa and got tickets to Pacha...35 without drink :eek: . We walked to Pacha already feeling a little :rolleyes: As anyone who has been there knows Pacha is a beautiful club...quite full of beautiful people (which is good and bad). The music was good but surprisingly relaxed until building into a crescendo for the last couple of hours. It seemed tio be the same dj allnight (not that I could see very well :p )and Pete Tong did not show :?: Berlin :?: :evil: We spent the last bit chilling on the terrace and having a laugh. A great night...but lots of attitude inside...especially the pissy staff :x

Saturday was chill up at midday and spent the afternoon smoking spliffs by the pool...gorgeous...especially with nice icecream 8)
. Taxi to Kumaras for sunset...lovely crowd and setting and a fantastic strawberry dachari ;) . Sunset great until dissappearing behind cloud at the end. We ate in the restaurant which was very tasty and good value.
We were then a little worried that we might not get sorted in Space and so spent a few hours phoning numbers, trying to find reps and looking for surprisingly scarce looky-lookys. We also had a few drinks in Mambo which we thought was a really nice place...what has happened Cafe del Mar though. :?: had about two people in it when Mambo still had hundreds (2am ish). Got to bed for 4.30 in prep for Space.

Got to Space at 2.30 and the terrace was busy but still lots of room...I thought the hard house in the inside bit was better and we stayed in there for quite a while...great aircon. It was amazing how the atmosphere grew on the terrace. By 6 ish it was very busy...we went over to Bora Bora for an hour and had a spliff etc...IMO the music over there was as good igf not better...great atmosphere too 8) . Got back to Space around8 ish by which time the place was absolutely mental...the rest is a blur of mashed people...completely up for a great time...talking to loads of people...dancing madly and massage chairs :eek: :eek: Left 12 ish (us oldies :confused: )

DC10 on Sunday was what i assume is the usual mixture of people fresh from bed and the casualties from Space ...we were hoping Timo Maas was going to play but by 8 when I left (having danced my socks off all day) no show :( ...I was due to fly at 2.45 that night and thought I should try to sleep before the flight. :eek: ...I said my goodbyes and got a taxi to San Ant :cry: :cry: ....had a bath and thought what am I doing that point I got a call from Rachael who said that they were in Bora strung out conversation with a taxi driver later and I was back....I am sooooo glad I did...apart from seeing friends then a little worse for wear....the atmosphere was amazing 8) 8) :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . I have never seen anything like it :eek: . I have no idea of who was djing but the music was the best of the weekend and the crowd mad :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ....................and I thought that would be that ;) ......................half an hour later Rachael and me were being sling shotted (you know the one) into the air at 6.5 Gs... :eek: :eek: ...the video is something which will probably come back to haunt me :lol: ...from there to the airport in a taxi...on my tod :cry:

I wondered if I would ever get to Ibiza and then if it might be an anti climax...instead I had a fabulous time that I will never forget...if only more time :cry: :cry:

All you people going out later in the summer have a great time 8) 8) :confused:

wicked review,, so your one of the ibiza 24 hour people keep up the good work