My DJ set and videos from We Love… Space 5th July


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[FONT=&quot]Gosh, I am up against it on this forum with all the Bora Bora comp entries! Well, you may (or may not!) still be interested to know that I made my We Love… Space DJ debut on 5th July. It was much fun, and I recorded my set for your listening pleasure! I recently had a good dig through the crates as part of a record clearout, as a result there were a few oldies but (relatively unsung) goodies in my set. Clicking the banner below will take you through to the We Love DJ mixes page – scroll down to ‘L’ to download my mix (there are lots of other good mixes on there too from the likes of Greg Wilson, Ralph Lawson and James Zabiela too).[/FONT]
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Malcolm Charles – Spit Shine My Shoes [Greenskeepers]
Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Mix) [Playhouse]
Moodymann – Freeki MF [KDJ]
Induceve – Papillon [Classic]
Marco De Souza – Step Over (Solid Groove Remix) [Freerange]
DJ Rasoul - Kik Dat **** [Camouflage]
Rob Mello – In Da Bush (No Ears Dub) [Classic]
Kerri Chandler – Return To Acid [Large]
Radio Slave – RJ [Running Back]
Will Saul – 3000AD (I:Cube Remix) [Simple]
Rhythm & Sound ft. Paul St. Hilaire – Free For All (Sound Stream Remix) [Burial Mix]
Pezzner – Brooklyn New York (Justin Martin Remix) [Freerange]
Omar S – Day [FXHE]
Pitto – Feelin’ [Rejected]
Aaron Carl – Wallshaker [Millions Of Moments]
Sound Stream – Rainmaker [Sound Stream]
Livio & Roby with George G – Grand Final [Fumakilla]
DJ Sneak – All Over (My Face)! [Downtown 161]
Joris Voorn – Sweep The Floor [Rejected]
Yo Majesty – Don’t Let Go (Radio Slave Remix) [Domino]
&Me – F.I.R. [Keinemusik]
Teddy Douglas – Bombelaya [Basement Boys]
Michel Cleis – La Mezcla [Cadenza]
Jesse Rose – Sticks & Stones [Dubsided][/FONT]

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[FONT=&quot]I was also interviewed for We Love’s online TV program, here are the links![/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot] (5 min video with me, Simon Baker, Smokin' Jo & The Juan MacLean)[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] (10 min video bigging up We Love’s remix comp with Ralph Lawson & Smokin’ Jo)[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] (10 min video talking about my role working for We Love, plus some amazing footage of Jeff Mills in the main room!)

[FONT=&quot]Cheers, Leo xx
gonna give this mix a go now..........
ps whos balls did you have to suck to get a gig in space???????????????
do you live in ibiza???????
Hope you enjoy it PQ! Let me know how you get on!

I've never sucked balls to get a gig (at least I'd like to think I haven't) - sure some of the time I've been in the right place at the right time, but I've always worked damn hard & made the most of any opportunities that have come my way. I bagged this gig as I've worked doing promo for We Love for a few years. So no ball-sucking involved! :twisted: