My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding...


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noice to see that most of the grooms are "labourers"

what stuck me, is how pretty some of the girls were... and wondering if there was a mix up at the hospital.


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' Paddy is a retired knuckle fighter'' 8)

He was on a Dany Dyre, "something`s hardest" or the like a few weeks ago, He was some sort of mean MF, up the top of the bare knuckle "traveller" fighters.

Have a good one


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Felt sorry for the girl at the end - met her future husband twice, they already "argue" and she may have to go and live in Ireland with him......and his family......thought 22 was old to get married, never had a holiday or drunk or gone out with friends, just saved for this one day. Sheltered life came to mind.........