My 9th visit and maybe the Best Yet!!!


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Got back wednesday and havent really been looking forward to logging on here due to much depression at being back .... now im usually the one who after 2 weeks on the isle is quite happy to come home, have had enough etc ..... but not this year ....:cry:
this is defo the worst ive felt after the best 2 weeks ive ever had out there .....

so heres my review

early rise on Wed 20th and headed to Glasgow Airport for our flight at 0730, booked through our royalties gold account so made the most of the free bevvy in the private lounge even though it was early!!! haha u know us scots ;)
our flight was great, the other half took in Kung Foo Panda whilst i mixed with a couple of cooshty lads from Airdrie and had a few Smirnoffs! :p

Arrived at the Sunshine Apts in the Bay where would be staying for our fortnight the back of lunchtime. now i heard alot of negative reports regarding these apartments from tripadvisor and a few others but i couldnt fault the place the whole time we were there! the location was great, we had a lovely sea view, nice spacious apartment, there was a good mix at the pool during the day and their freezing pints of san miguel and tucker for a snack was spot on....;)
lounged by the pool for most of the day before heading over on the taxi boat to meet friends at Mambo for dinner and drinks before heading into Ibiza Town for Subliminal

Subliminal Sessions at Pacha
after a few bevvys in various bars up next to the walls of Dalt Villa we headed over to Pacha around 1am, wasnt a bad queue at all to get in, we headed upto the roof and had a drink on the roof terrace before finding our spot on the dance floor, i usually stay on the upper balcony up high to the right of the DJ box and theres where we ended up again.... Dubfire was on and blasting just the kind of tunes i required for my 1st night, Hard Tech House, the place was filling up and by 3am the place was heaving... but was this really the same Pacha i was in and was used too!!! :eek: the crowd was excellent, smiling, shaking hands, dancing with each other and high 5's getting dished out all around me, there was a fantastic buzz in this place which ive never really felt before, im used to posers who like to just barge by u without apology and locals who think this is our pace and we will do what we like!!! Dubfire completed his tremendous set and Morillo took the controls..... more my missus kind of dj but i have to admit he was also tremendous, we ended up down on the main floor for the end of his set and it was all too good in there ..... left the club around 6ish with big smiles on our face, a tremendous 1st night and what a crowd, best ive seen in Pacha...10/10

Next night we just headed over to San An to meet friends who were heading home on the saturday for a few bev's.... when i 1st started coming to Ibiza in 98 i was always down the west end wi the lads etc...then about 4/5 year ago i would avoid it like the plague.... headed down with our crowd for a few cheap cocktails in whatever bar would haul us in and was surprised to see the place a bit more quieter than usual, there seemed to be a bit of an older crowd to scattered round the west end also and didnt really see any Beer boys wi numbers and nickname t-shirts :D which was good! so over my 2 weeks when i was down there we had a really good time and met lots of nice people!!! so whats going on here??? Credit Crunch maybe :lol:

Friday night we headed into Ibiza town for a nice meal before our friends headed home on the saturday, forgive me for not remembering the place we dined but it was lovely, it was on one of the side streets leading from the marina to the villa!!! anyways afterwards we ended up next to the gay bars for a few drinks and we watched the parades go by, Mike Manumission was with his parade and they stopped in one of the bars we sat in and spoke to him for a few mins, really nice guy... never gaves us any free pass's though :lol: so just hung around Ibiza town before heading back to san an for sunlight drinking on the beach :oops: .....
So didnt do much that Saturday night, stayed over in the Bay for some nice food and had an early night .....

Up early on the sunday for a day of sunbathing and ice cold beers before heading for Space .....

We Love Sundays @ Space
Headed into Playa Den Bossa around 6ish and straight for Bora Bora, now we all know bora bora has been probably the 2nd most talked about place after dc10 on here and i can see why!!! it wasnt even near the same bora bora i remembered was all pushed inside!!! secuirity everywhere, not as near as many happy people as times before, much more poeple off their faces on class a's!!! ..... the outside bit at bora bora didnt even have that many people dancing!! stayed for about an hour and tried to get into it but it wasnt to happen ..... so headed into space!!!
Straight onto the Sunset terrace and bang!!! what a difference from the previous half hour at bora bora .... place was really busy but we managed to get ourselves up near the front and i thought! is this the same pacha crowd following me about here ... the smiles were there again, the handshakes, the high fives ..... Brilliant stuff, me and the missus were delighted and had an awesome time on that terrace ..... where was the italians though!!! not one elbow or if i did i got an apoligy :lol:
headed upto the roof terrace at 12 and had a few drinks and chatted away to new friends from the states!!! great guys on their 1st trip to ibiza .... didnt really find myself in the discoteca which was a shame i was itching to see James Zabelia...:cry:
i did catch Dimitri from Paris and Monsuier Garnier though who i thought were on top form, ive been a Garnier fan for years and thought he was brilliant once more.... place went nuts when he dropped Blue Monday!!! chucked it and headed for home around 0630.... one of my best spaces to date ;) shame i missed Zabelia but ill hopefully get to see him one day8) 10/10

Monday we were to ruff to goto DC10 :oops::cry: can u believe that as we wanted to go twice on our visit!!! :spank: end of that talk ....

the next couple of nights we took in some sunsets and eat lovely grub with a few bottles of vino ..... probs spent more than we should have these nights as these were supposed to be our quiet ones with not alot of spending being done .... i must admit i found many luvly places to Eat in the bay and for very reasonable prices too!!!

So next night out was Manumission on the Friday, lot of hype due to Fat Boy and 2many dj's on the bill ..... met up with another lovely scottish couple and the six of us started getting merry in our apartment .....

Manumission @ Amnesia
we bought our tickets from Bar M and got free bus which was good as we were just up the road ... so got into the club say 01:45 .... found a nice we spot in the main room up next to the bar straight ahead of the dj box.... 1st time i'd been since 2002 when of course it was in privilege and u could tell straight from the off that the theme that Mike and Co like to set wouldnt really work in this club!!! what happend to the freaky randoms walking around the club doing freaky random stuff :lol: if u know what i mean?
i remember the manumission of old when u wouldnt know where to look for things going on !!! it was just like another cocoon night in here and too small for the Privilege Manumission that used to be .... on the music side of things 2manydj's were tip top from start to finish, got the crowd going crazy under the ice cannon!!! as for Fat Boy Slim, ive never really seen the big fuss about him:rolleyes: his productions are cheesy in my eyes and he dosent really go anywhere with his wee apple mac laptop with both arms stretched out to the side after he mix's every tune!! he dropped hardfloor acperience which is a classic but he always seems to drop that when dj'ing in Ibiza ..... anyway wandered in next door to see what the Manumission show would serve up and im affraid to say nothing!!!..... couple of dancers and a couple of other folk on the stage not really doing alot so didnt stay long and headed for a black taxi around 6am.... 2manydj's rocked the place though and made me still have a fantastic time not all doom and gloom....Manu should jump back over the road where they belong to Privilege..... the 6 of us still left with a smile on our face so another night done 8) 8/10

the next day we had some more friends hitting the island also staying in san an so we shaked ourselves and headed over to greet them and to see if they would join us at the Zoo Project!!! typical bunch pf guys though had kicked the arse out of it in the airport and flight and were wrecked already so it was just the 4 of us that headed for the Zoo 8)

The Zoo Project @ Galanight (the old zoo)
Heard lots of great things about this day at the zoo and wasnt to be dissapointed.... headed upto the zoo round 6pm in a taxi, get reciept as money back on door with 3 peeps plus.....
was weird walking into this place as it did feel like a day at Edinburgh Zoo on a good day waiting to see monkeys or something jump out :lol:
but 1st impression was "wot a set up" wee bars scattered all around, sitting area's spaced out... even a lovely pool with loungers were people who must have been here at 1600 were still taking in the rays!!! loved this place already and felt a good vibe.... got a jug of cocktail for 25 euro which we got 2 cups and a bit each out of so not bad at all .... most drinks were 4 euro which is magic compared to the other clubs .... the place was quite quiet when we got in but filled up in no time, the seal pit was the main arena and there was 2 other smaller arena's all playing minimal techno, we were in the seal pit a few times but usually hung around the arena just next to the bars... my good lady and her pal both got face paints done which seemed to be the in thing up there .... the place from 10pm to midnight was rammed and was brill, not sure who the dj's were who were on but did it matter, it was a great and again that crowd who followed me about were all there :lol:
the bbq area for chilling was immense in big netted tents with big camo loungers, oh and a bottle of water at the bbq area is only 2 euro so head round if required....
another fantastic time had by all at the zoo and we headed into san an for after bevvy as we really couldnt be bothered with our free pass's into Eden.... 10/10

the next day i went to watch the old firm game in which my team got gubbed 4-2 so not a good day :lol: was actually very surprised to see so many old firm tops out and about, glad there was no trouble anyway and most fans shaked hands afterwards and had a few bevvys in the sun together ......certainly not Glasgow here :lol::lol:
that night we went to one of the chinese places on the front promenade for dinner and headed back to the bay around 1am ......

Monday we were up early to catch the sun as we only had a couple of days to go.... couple of freezing pints of san miguel later my friends turned up at ours to get merry for Circo Loco ....

Circo loco @ Dc10
headed into dc10 around 6pmish and 1st feeling i had was how lucky i felt to be here after all the folk on here who booked over the summer and didnt get to go due to the closure! as its truely is the real ibiza club of them all .....
loved the outside bit for chilling and bar there too as i wasnt here last year .... headed straight in and went to the back right bar through a heaving crowd! got a drink, turned to face the dj box and took it from there.... a bit of jiggery pokerry and we had landed at our wee dance area for the night .... the music in there is right up my street...but folks Dc10 for me is not minimal techno!!! :rolleyes: this is more techno than minimal....
danced my ass off along wi the good lady for a couple of hours before taking our sweaty foreheads outside for a drink and a cool down ... boy it gets hot in there !!! met loads of great people again outside, lads from london and a great crowd from leicester. sat and chatted for a while and headed back in for more mayhem, Vulcanio was awesome!.... didnt even attempt to head back to where we were earlier so took up a nice we spot just through the doors.....the place was rammed but just get into the rythm and u create your on wee dance pod!!! hehe Luciano came on and took the roof off ... what more can i say ..... its such a shame this place will or might be at an end ... headed back outside again and thanks to my missus reading all the gossip magazines she noticed Rhys Ifans standing next to us at the bar!! :eek: anyway chatted away to him saying obviously that i liked his work etc ....he was great, high fived me saying he loved the scots, my pal told him he loved his film "twin town" and he was over the moon and said he loved the fact that we brought that film up, did not want his pic took which i could totally understand, shook our hands and said enjoy yer holiday u crazy scots and sauntered off with the 2 ladys and guy he was with ..... i had to laugh at myself for not noticing him as he had is eye ball paul gear on hahaha ...anyway it was 0230 so we headed home for a few afters on the balcony and crashed out that morning till 3pm that day :(
went for a meal on the tuesday night in Jackie Browns and had a few drinks in the bay till 2am....then had to head for home as we were getting picked up at 9am for flights home .......

so that was that, only 5 big nights done in 2 weeks but i wouldnt manage 5 in a week so very happy with that ... done most of the other nights over the years anyhow and these were the ones i wanted to do even though a bit gutted i missed dc10 the 1st night round ...... i used to love cocoon so a tiny wee bit gutted i didnt get to one.

the people all over the island felt a bit more laid back this year and much more friendly.... the clubbers were the most friendly i have met in all my visits out there.... or was i just lucky and picked the perfect 2 weeks to go :rolleyes::p

i even met italians in clubs who were spot on ...... :lol::lol::lol:

defo the most gutted ive felt since coming back home after my ibiza trip :cry: .... i dont go next year due to going to cyprus in June to get married 8) ......then vegas for another wedding in sept .....

but ill be back ;)
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Enjoyed your review,glad that you had a good time,some nice detail in there...:D
only thing, bit worried about next summers bigamy!

shoot me please....:twisted: