My 6th time, Ibiza 8th-18th August


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Well i got back last week from probably the most eventful time i've ever had on holiday in ibiza, here goes...

Friday 8th:

3 of us lads set off in the early hours to cardiff airport, flight was at 6.25am so we stayed up all night on the thursday for a pre party at mine in which we drank quite a bit whilst banging out trance sets all night long really gettin in the mood.
We arrived at the airport,checked in and got food to sober us up before going through departures. As we were getting ready to go through departures, my mate was feeling sick from all the jack daniels he drank the night before, so had to make a mad dash to the toilet to empty the contents of his brekkie lol. Anyway he felt better after that so we boarded the plane in which was a very relaxed flight.
Arrived on the island of dreams at 950 to glorious sunshine, 27c at that time was lovely. However the holiday got off to a disaster when i went to collect my suitcase from baggage reclaim to find out 1 of the bottles of sidekick i packed had smashed everywhere staining my clothes . So after spending at least half hr getting all the glass out of my suitcase and separating my clothes, we finally got a taxi to the mare nostrum hotel in playa den bossa. After arrival we were told we couldnt check in til 130 which i wasnt happy about as we all needed sleep after being up all night. However after the wait we got to our room and the first thing i did was wash my clothes from the stains whilst the other 2 lads fell asleep. After washing my clothes i tried to get to sleep but couldnt so i headed down to bora bora to meet my mate who has been working out there since may so we had a great few hours catching up, however bora bora is just a normal beach now without any music.
After a great catch up we headed back to wake the other 2 lads up before heading to san an to see the sunset. Now dont get me wrong playa den bossa is a great place to stay (my 1st time staying here) but this bus situation is a joke..there is no direct bus to san an, you have to get a bus to ibiza town then one to san an, 2 buses for a 20-25 min journey?
After this nonsence we finally got to the sunset strip but we missed the sunset . As we were in san an my mate dragged us to the west end which i tell you now, stinks of piss, what a dump,gets worse every year, hated it although we had a laugh in viva before deciding last minute to go to pure pacha. Great night there, met some really cool people although those steps and the vip area spoil the clubs layout imo. Caught basement jaxx who were quite good but left just before oakie as i was shattered. We ended up getting an illegal taxi (very useful in august as long as they dont take piss with prices)with these 2 german birds (although nothing came of it) back to the hotel.

Saturday 9th

woke up around noon feeling great. During the day we got suncreamed up and spent all afternoon just chillin at bora bora checking out the talent and watching the planes go by. As i said earlier, bora bora now has lost it, no music, no 1 dancing, its just a normal beach which charges you 15 euro for a sunbed - no thanks!
After this we headed for food at our hotel before getting ready to check out playa den bossa at night for the first time. After warming up with some shots on the balcony we headed straight out to Tantra to get our hed kandi tickets and make the most of happy hour there. We had a great laugh and were all steaming so we headed to another bar, diva i think. One thing that did suprise me is how much relaxed playa den bossa is compared to san an, meaning no noisy football chavs, no-one throwing up on the side of the road, also the lack of brits there and english speaking tourists.
Anyway after diva we were steaming and it was getting late so we had to get to el divino, this was a task as there were no taxis free so we ended up getting another illegal one who was a laugh fair play...banging the music out of his cd player, talking ****, was sooo funny. Well we arrived at the harbour and as we'd been drinking heavily, we all needed a piss so stupidly but funny now, we decided to urinate by the entrance to the harbour when, all of a sudden, we heard a loud voice...'oiiiiii', i looked up and saw 3 guards starting to chase us (1 with a batton)....i said boys legggg we ended up running like never before until they gave up. phew! Funny thing was my mate saying 'lets swim,these guys have got guns' lmao. Anyway after this incident we got into el divino eventually and it turned out to be a really good night, it was packed but not stupidly packed as in previous years, wez clarke dropping pjanoo at 430am was definitely the highlight. We left about 530am as i needed food desperatly, bus back to the hotel was the start of another incident...., we got back to the hotel, all having a laugh, chatting, when 2 of my mates noticed some of there stuff had gone missing, 1 of my mates couldnt find his boxers and another mate noticed his mobile phone,3 of his tshirts and 40 euro had gone missing...we'd definitely been robbed. The strange thing was all they took of mine was my mp3 player charger rather than my mp3 itself or my mobile phone??

Sunday 10th

After what happened the night before, we finally got to bed at 1pm this day but woke around 5pm determined to not let it ruin the holiday. The plan was to go to space for the chemical brothers until we found out the price...there was no way we were going to pay 65 euro each for a ticket so decided to have a chilled one.
After the adventure of trying to find the police station in ibiza town and getting the report for the robbery, we ended up staying up all night on the balcony drinking vodka,spirits,red bull chatting about everything, things you'd never chat about sober, was a great laugh.

Monday 11th

Woke up around lunchtime really looking forward to tiesto at privilege. It was straight out to get our tickets and a few hours sunbathing down bora bora again before getting hammered at our hotel before we went out, we drank loads of sidekick and the georgeous estrella lager at the bar downstairs playing table football and watching the olmpics before getting to privilege early through another illegal taxi, who thought we'd like to listen to bob marley on his stereo lol. We entered priivilege and i got my camera confiscated which i werent too impressed about, i had to pay 3 euro for it to be kept safe grr. When we got in, i knew straight away that this was going to be a night to remember, the soundsystem in there now is mindblowing compared to the old manumission one. We were all steaming so headed near the front to catch a bit of first state who were warming up for tiesto, what a warmup although some typical pilled up chavs were booing them singing tiesto, here we, here we f....go, no respect for the warm up dj's at all. However when tiesto came on these chavs seemed to hav gone home for a kebab and the atmosphere was amazing, tiesto dropping 'inertia - the system' and dave 202 - louvre' with that ice cannon and the lazers just blew me away, what a night. Only regret was using my credit card to buy a few drinks as i ran out of money left at 5.45am as my mate was ill. Got another illegal taxi and guess what...we got out of the taxi back at the hotel and my mate, the 1 who had his mobile phone and tshirts robbed...ended up leaving his other mobile phone in the car, gutting...seeing him run after the taxi down the road was funny for me but not for him

Tuesday 12th

Today we woke up earlyish around 11am, grabbed some brekkie at the cafe opposite our hotel then headed to bora bora again, in which that unlucky mate sunburnt alive lol, he only forgot to put suncream on his legs, ouch!, it wasnt his holiday so far . After another recovery session we caught a bus to ibiza town then san an only to find out the lads we were meeting today from back home, werent even on the island, long story, (i'm sure this review is getting long enough as it is). After finding out this news, we headed for a quick burger at kfc before heading to savannah's for armins solo night pre party. What an atmosphere down there..everyone getting autographs,pictures and dancing as if they were in amnesia already, brilliant pre party. We headed onto the beach to watch those amazing fire dancers in action..the highlight was when some hippie started throwing empty bottles at them until he got kicked out , very amusing to the public.
After this we got our tickets in mega music only to be pr'red by a rep who had one hell of a deal at opium, so we followed him in. 9 euro each for god knows how many jugs and shots, met some more really friendly people in there, one guy being a dj at pussycats..
left opium about 130 and headed straight to amnesia through yet another illegal taxi, some cool bulgarian. Got to amnesia, and like someone else said in their review, there are no words to descibe this night, armin is just the god of trance. The only thing was them pulling the plug on armin at 6.45am, he wanted to carry on, bloody laws.

Wednesday 13th

Today the day started at 2pm, was a chilled day today as our bodies definitely needed a rest, we ended up just getting a chinese and a few beers from some bar in playa den bossa taking in what we experienced the previous 2 nights, 2 of the best nights i've ever had.

Thursday 14th

Today i was up really early feeling like a new man after that chilled night. Tomorrow was the day we were suposed to go home until i found out dc10 circoloco reopening was on. There was no way in the world i was going to miss this so headed straight to san an to look for an apartment for a few days. Ended up finding a hostal for 23 euro a night, so i booked my flight for mon night and went and bought a dc10 vest for 28 euro . I was so happy when i knew it was reopening, i headed back to den bossa over the moon.
Anyway that was tomorrow, tonight was all about cream amnesia with above and beyond and ferry. We topped up at the hotel again with more and more estrella lager, love that stuff, cant find it anywhere here . Arrived at amnesia very early on as 2 of my mates were going home in the morning and wanted to make the most of their 50 euro ticket. It soon picked up at by 1am amnesia was rammed, ended up dancing right by the front and stayed there all night long...above and beyonds late set was set of the holiday for me, faultless, pure driving trance, highlight was at 4.45am when 'sirens of the sea' (cosmic gate remix) was dropped, felt a tear to the eye. Me and my mate who was out there for the season got on a free bus back to playa den bossa and immediately passed out as we had to be out of the hotel by 12.

Friday 15th

Struggled to get up before 12 then caught a bus with all my luggage to San An. Went straight to check in at the hostal then went back to bed before getting up for my favourite party of all time, circoloco. At first i was worried as all the tickets at mega music had sold out but was told we could get in on the door for 5 euro more. So it was straight to the wips supermarket to get in the san miguel then to kfc again for a quite bite to eat before grabbing a proper legal taxi up there. On entrance i just took in the moment of my favourite place in the world, looked up at the circoloco banner then walked in to the dark banging room before heading to the bar. Very reasonable prices for ibiza in there so had lots of vodka red bulls before hitting the terrace. Already it was packed but not as silly as for the opening back in june but the atmosphere was amazing. we met some nice birds from newcastle so just danced,chatted ****e, smiled and felt proud to be a part of this amazing place again...tania vulcano was on form as usual but clive henry in the dark room stole the show, what a set. terrace shut at 1.30 but dark room went on til 330 so stayed right til the end.
Gettin back was funny, jumped in some illegal taxi, got half way to san an until i realised i was out of money, mate werent happy as he had to pay the fare, anyway we made up and had an afterparty back at his mates flat in which i fell asleep ha.

Saturday 16th

Today i was dead, felt like a zombie so didnt do much, done all my shopping and that. My mate went to the zoo project but i couldnt afford it so i just had a chilled one at pussycats before heading back around 3am for a nice sleep before the last day.

Sunday 17th

Woke up early around 10am, felt great today, headed to my mates flat and what a mess on him as he'd been to the zoo the night before.
As today was my last day, there was no question, it just had to be we love space.
After just chillin out in the day, 4 of us headed to bora bora around 6pm for a session before space. This was the first time i'd gone there in the evening, what an atmosphere, everyone just sat on the sand, music was on (finally) it was back and forth to the supermarket for drinks...peach schapps, san miguels, the lot before a few of us decided to go for a swim . This is where this day turned very eventful....i gave my camera,shades,phone,tshirt to 1 of the lads who didnt fancy a in the sea, had such a laugh when i realised my space ticket was in my shorts i was wearing...dashed out, tried to dry it but it snapped in half as it was so damp .
Anyway i got it cellotaped up the supermarket, headed back, had a LOT more drinks before 2 of us headed to space. Now this is where it was such a shame the holiday ended on a low to the entrance, only to be refused entry and threatened by 2 of the thuggish spanish bouncers working there. Now i'm not making any excuse, i was pissed, but not falling all over the place...i even saw these girls get refused entry for not having any ID..i was not a happy man after paying 55 euro a ticket.
After a few more attemps to get in at the other entrance, it was going nowhere so i ended up getting a taxi back and somehow ended up in play2 (a place i hate) lol.

Monday 18th

Packed up, said goodbye to everyone emotionally, then headed to the airport in which i arrived back in britain freezing cold, horrible.

well what a holiday, apart from the robbery and what happened on the last night, this was the best time i've had in ibiza, it gets better and better, roll on opening parties next yr.
A fascinating review,but why the snobbery towards the West End, when you and your mates clearly enjoy a good drink etc?
Nice review mate, certainly different! What I like is that some of the bad points like losing out on 55 euros and being refused entry / robbery and it was still a good holiday!! Where else in the world could this happen to you and you still have a good time??? :lol:
Excellent crazy review! :) At least you kept your chin up throughout the low points and still managed to have an amazing holiday- that's what going to Ibizas all about- having the time of your life and not moaning about how it's too expensive/commercial and analysing the place like some people on other threads here!
Great review boss! Seems like you were hell bent on having the best time whatever! U even extended your stay! My hat goes off to you sir!
it was a nice hotel mate, lots of italians but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves like everyone else. We reckon the robbery was 1 of the cleaners or the night porters because nothing was smashed and everything was locked up the night before..also when we went down to report it, it was a coincidence how the cctv wasnt working that night so someone took advantage of this. Also, who would take underwear rather than the more dearer stuff like my mp3 player or my money i had left in my rucksack?
Cool review.

I'm going to treat it like going to a festival this year i.e. not going to take anything that I would hate to loose - even clothes that cost a few quid!

Glad you had a good time - really got a feel for what PDB will be like this year, cheers 8)
however bora bora is just a normal beach now without any music

Great review, sounds like it was 'eventful' to say the least.
So is there no music at all in Bora Bora any more? Surely not?

I'm only asking as I'm heading out on Tuesday, staying in Jet and love sitting on the beach with a beer with the tunes in the background.

The guy taking this video seems to be having a great time... ;)
Good review, sounds like you had a blast. I cant wait till i get out there on Monday. It is peculiar though that you slate the west end because its full of 'chavs' and stinks of 'piss' when you yourself enjoy a drink and then think its funny to 'piss in the entrance of the harbour?'
haha i know, i always got dragged to the west end even though i hate it and still managed to hav a laugh.

as for bora bora, i dont think they're aloud to play music until 6pm because when i went in the daytime, the only music i heard was from the radio at the bar which was on a very low volume
What was Mare Nostrum like? How was you room robbed?

I stayed in the Poseidon Apartments which are in the same chain as the Mare Nostrum (Grupo Playa Sol) Did they not provide a safe? We used our safe for money, passports & valuables. Heard a lot of stories about robberies in Playa D'en, so can't be too careful.

I think music officially starts at Bora Bora at 4.30pm- drink prices also increase at that time. :evil: