my 2 weeks



its long baby, but its good................................

night 1. cream@amnesia. what a great start to the holiday!!!! tiesto and tall paul under one roof! walking in i felt the hairs stand up and the goosepimples rise as the green lasers of amnesia welcomed me. the heat also welcomed me in the main room to go mad when tiesto dropped southern sun but in the end the heat was the reason i chose tall paul over tiesto! thanks heat what a bloody decision! the guy was great. he played really funky house instead of his usual sound with love story and guittarra g in there. the guy who came on next rocked the place as the sun came through the glass panels tim deluxe came onto play and made me shake my ass!!! couldnt believe how good it was my eivissa dream had begun..........

night 2. welcome back to over persuasive holiday rep ancouraged mates to go to school disco @ eden taking me with them. What a lot of sh:t (although i did dance to queen's - dont stop me now) Eden is a club which you would find in any UK city it lacks the globe of privillege the beauty of pacha or that bloody camel in amnesia! it is not balearic and neither is school disco. if u want to pull go here. if u wanna have a good time...................

night 3. sunset time. now this was the most beatiful curves i seen in ibiza. girls in their expensive dresses and sandals sittin on a beach next to hippies how surreal........... we stayed at mambo all night and the feeling was great when all the 'tourists' left chill

night 4. OK i made a mistake by going to school disco but surely judge jules could liven up Eden?!? the night started well in bar m dancing to billie jean in a mad downpour!! clubbing memoirs beware! true it was a totally different atmosphere and all but the music and crowd were sh't. the 'show' was amazing with pyrotechnics and big huge sheets coming over the crowd ! wow!!! judge jules is p'sh but well done to eddie halliwell but jumping on the decks and having it!! still too many pissers and (dare i say it) footy top wearers! eddie your scratching is crazy but hard trance/house is sh*t.

night 5. Manumission. the great ship finally floats me......again i am dubious about this commercial 'brand' but as i walk in to ubu's fabolous 'pixels' i begin to dance (unlike the 11,999 others in privillege) being fair manumission is goood and the music is good but the crowd.........bloody tourists they act like they are in a zoo looking at a specimen. it is a party dance and smile and please please please stop walking about!!!!!!!!! good night all the same with he live sax player and watching the sunrise over ibiza old town. tear jerking........ dj gee finishing with insomnia was also wicked.

night (day 6) was about missing a night out due to a sh;tty steaming sunburnt boat trip giving me the cold......

night 7. the one youve all been waiting for!!!!!!! in the blue corner weighing in at 3 tonnes the brick beauty the cute club, the trendy playboy club.....Pacha!!!!!!!!!!!! and in the red corner the master of music, the accapella anarchist the house head honcho.......eric morillo!!!!!!!!!! what a bloody night. Claudio coccoluto had me wetting my pants when he played the chems hey boy hey girl just as morillo took to the decks......... the guy is a legend remixing each track as he goes he blows ure mind....playing to the crowd as he plays another cd r accapella... and when donna summers i feel love kicked in after teasing us with it...........boom! unfortunately pacha dissapoints. it is expensive and pretentious which is not what clubbing is about. you cant sit on the terrace without a drink and the bar staff charge extra if u have a uk accent.....not a good club im afraid.

night 8. u always go back to the cream!!!! another massive night with pvd and tiesto but more bloody heat!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh i went back to the terrace to hear the worst djing of my life by an unidentified dj. about 5 andy carol/phat phil cooper changed it into the best night of my clubbing life.....playing a record each they squeezed in shakedown silicone soul and tim deluxe before finishing on stardust wow!!! they also played a new mix of robin s show me love really good stuff.pvd and tiesto sounded great but it was too hot!

night 9 was another sunset night chilling! its just so beatiful!!!

night 10 took the same course ''

night 11 and we made a grave mistake. selfish me wanted to see sasha so we went to we love sundays at nite.....the terrace was till banging to rui de silva but as we moved inside there was no fun in the air it was real clubber stuff.......which i love in glasgow but not in ibiza sasha started slow and slowly got faster and harder. but when he left after an hour and a half he hadnt made an impact. huge disapointment. the next guy went mad and took the roof off but i wasnt in it. too hot and sasha had dissapointed....oh well theres allways next year.

the next 3 nights were spent chilllin and drinkin.

i found lovely spots to watch the sunset and rise and climbed to the top of the old town.....

i love you?

this is an amazing review!!!!!! can't wait to see tiesto next week, but may have to keep popping outside to get cool by the sounds of things.

I also love ibiza!!!!
The Sasha @ Space was my first night on the island. I agree Sasha was very disappointing. We were properly mashed by the time of his set and were waiting for him to do something but it never happened.

Thought Sander K, Rui Da Silva and the bloke who played the last set before Sasha (was it Felix Da Housecat?) inside were good.
greigster1982 said:
Claudio coccoluto had me wetting my pants when he played the chems hey boy hey girl just as morillo took to the decks......... the guy is a legend remixing each track as he goes he blows ure mind

U and me both man... i was totally geared up for Morillo, but Coccoluto blew me away...smasher of a set. And then after we got to hear Morillo drop bomb after bomb...simly FANTASTIC!!!!! I do agree about the bar staff...we were chillin on the terrace and the waitress told us we had to order or leave, we ordered from her, left a penny for a tip and left ;) But the party inside really could make u care less whats goin on outside...PACHA throws THE BEST parties hands down!!!!! Was also at Cream the same night as u...i thought there were more ppl for tiestos set than PVD's...whatever, they both tore the place apart. Tiesto droppin Southern Sun gave me the tingles...the vocals just lift u...maaaaadddd. Anyways, GREAT REVIEW dude!!!! Glad u had a burner.

i love you?

I CERTAINLY do!!!! The one and ONLY serious negative thing about Ibiza is the feeling u get when ur back home. Lookin out ur window and thinkin to urself "f***k, i was in Ibiza awhile ago...what the hell am i doing here????". Totally depressed...but i guess thats the price u pay when u have the best time of ur life ;)

Wow, everytime i read a review i get goosebumps!! Shame about Sasha though, saw him last year on his b'day at Space, he went wild, jumping around and going crazy, could have mistaken him for Judge Jules!! he was amazing, cant wait to see him at manumission though next week, should be quite pumping. :p
Sasha, Mr Zabiela, Thong and Seb @ Privilege, Radio 1 August 3rd