My 1st review. June 09. A family holiday.


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Part 1.

As the title states this is my first ever review. In 5 years of visiting these ever so helpful forums, I was either unable to write a review due to memory loss :oops: or couldnt be bothered typing. I'm not the quickest on the ol' keyboard. But this being my second family holiday (with wife and child, Happy birthday Amelie !!) and one where my memory hasnt been too badly impaired, I felt obliged to write about our experiences. I felt obliged because I'm even more in Love with Ibiza now than i have ever been.

As it was a family holiday, and our first proper holiday in a year, relaxing, nice beaches and restaurants were the order of the week, with a couple of nights out thrown in.

Day 1 Saturday 27th.

We arrived on saturday the 27th June by ferry from Denia, the boat arrived on time at 12.30pm so we headed straight to meet the Villa rental people, as the villa wasnt quite ready we did a spot of supermarket shopping at the Eroski (km 1.5 on the Ibiza-San Jose rd), our meeting point. We then drove the 10 metres to our Villa ! :lol: What a location, I was expecting it to be in the middle of nowhere ! Set about 20 metres from the main road, it was far enough not to hear the traffic yet extremely easy to walk to the Eroski or the lovely patisserie (French one, cant remember the name :confused:). Being so near the San Jose road meant easy access for the motorway, so most places were relatively close.

our home for the next week.

After dumping our stuff we decided to head to Talamanca for the afternoon, 5 minutes in the car 8) We were hungry so headed to El Barco for a spot of lunch, we shared a nice salad and a plate of fresh grilled Calamar (the grilled calamar makes several appearances this week :lol:) and a couple of nice cold shandies :p. After a few lazy hours taking in the sun, swimming in the lovely clear water, and making sandcastles we headed back to the villa. After a dip in the pool we cracked open a nice bottle of cava, being quite tired from our early start and long'ish day we decided to stay in, Amelie went to bed around 8.30, then I fired up the bbq and we drank another couple bottles of cava.

Day 2 Sunday 28th.

With it being fathers day the week before, I'd decided to delay it a week and celebrate it how I want while in Ibiza :lol:. Not having seen Paco Fernandez yet I decided we'd spend the day at Tropicana in Cala Jondal then head over to Blu Marlin. So after a lovely time spent at Tropicana, playing in the sand and sea , eating well (no Calamar today) and drinking even better (Cava sangria :p) we headed to Blu Marlin at around 18.30.

The lucky people on this crappy boat were being ferried to Blu Marlin on the tenders below 8)

There was already a great vibe at the Blu Marlin on our arrival, the parking attendants were already having to direct the traffic into the various parking lots. As we entered it was already very busy, even though Paco's crew were still setting up for him. We grabbed a drink then Amelie (our hyper 2 year old) started to get her grove on, much to the delight of the crowd :lol:

Amelie doing the biscuit and pout dance 8)

By about 19.30 it was getting REALLY busy and still no sign of Paco, by this time Amelie was running riot :spank: , she was even playing the instruments :rolleyes: !! With the crowds getting bigger, and our turbo charged two year old causing havoc we reluctantly decided to call it a day (Should have called Greg :spank:). Didnt get to see paco play, again, but at least Amelie had a riot, and it was cool to soak up the atmosphere. Next time (september probably) !!

That evening we decided to cook a nice meal back at the villa and chill. Theres nothing nicer than a very cold bottle of white wine accompanied by fresh Lubina on the bbq :p

Day 3 Monday 29th.

Over breakfast we decided we'd head upto Cala Comte/Conta, we hadnt been for a while, and had forgotten how beautiful it really is, though it was rather busy. Sardines come to mind :spank: We ate at the lovely Sill De's Bosc, shared some salad, sardines (appropriate) and yes you guessed it, some lovely grilled Calamar :lol: Really enjoyed the meal at S'illa d'en bosc, great setting and lovely food served by friendly staff, highly recommended. Back to the busy beach for a siesta, play in the sea, and a little sun 8)

A packed Comte 8) :spank:

After a quick turn around at the villa we headed to Ibiza town for some shopping and a bite to eat. The shopping soon went out of the window, as Amelie our turbo charged two year old soon got bored, and decided to pull items of shelves :spank: The wife wasnt happy, my credit card was though (and so was I) :lol: !! So we headed to D'alt Villa for some grub, hoping to stop by El olivo, we were dissapointed to find out they are closed mondays :spank:, how ridiculous to close on a monday when the season is upon us :rolleyes: :!: :?:

With an ever increasing hyperactive 2 year old in tow, we grabbed a quick bite in the Italian opposite (name anyone :?:), after a nice but quite stressful bruschetta, lasagne, and bottle of vino we decided to head home. Once back and with Amelie fast asleep (finally), we sat outside and drank another couple bottles of vino contemplating wether to give Grego a call. With my Mum due over in two days we decided we could wait. Two good friends were arriving the following morning so we decided ta call it a night.

Day 4 Tuesday 30th.

After a lovely nights sleep (the beds in the villa were amazing) we rose around 9 am, friends were due to land at 11 am, and due to the wifes dissapointing shopping trip the night before, we decided I'd go to the airport with Baby, while she shopped. Sorted ! ;)

After collect¡ng our friends then the Mrs we decided to head to Salinas. The new car park directly behind the jockey club is fantastic, €4 for shaded parking only metres from the beach, perfect when you have all the crap that comes with a toddler :)

We ate a wonderful lunch at the Jockey club, no not Calamar, that makes a return tomorow, we shared the plate of fish 'capricho' and it was :eek: !!! It consisted of lovely mussells, succulent large red prawns and the most gorgeous Scallops i've had in a long time :lol: It was lovely. We also shared a nice fresh salad, bread and 2 botlles of crisp Rueda White wine 8) It doesnt get any better than this :p Ok it was just under €40 each, but it was worth every penny.

The thing i notice when in Ibiza in June is how friendly everyone is, obviously its the start of the season and everyone is happy, but apart from one miserable cow in Amnesia (i'll get to that later) everyone was just so nice. It probably also helps that we are a polite buch also ;)

After a few more hours chillin on the beach watching the parades (the subliminal one was the best, and sexiest) and getting some rays, we decided to go to Cap d'es falco for a drink on the way home. Now if you havent been to this place, get your ass down here, preferably at sunset (we couldnt due to little ones bedtime), it is lovely.8) Completely isolated in lovely natural surroundings it is must if you havent been, bedecked with nice large daybeds overlooking the sun setting behind Es Vedra with a nice soundtrack 8) Its also quite easy to find, especially if you're in the area of Es cavallet or Salinas. After drinking a couple of jugs of cava sangria in the baking evening sun we headed home. Not a bad first day for our guests 8)

Cap D'es Falco early evening (with amelie doing her best MJ impression, chamone )

That evening as were still without baby sitter, and were going to go out the following night, we put amelie to bed, had a nice meat and fish BBQ and got very very drunk :confused:
In fact I got so drunk (9 empty bottles the next morning :oops:) I got lost in the villa, and my friend had to help me to bed :oops: :spank: :lol:

Wednesday 1st july.

Over a decidedly hungover breakfast of fresh croissants (the pattisserie near the Sant Jordi roundabout ??), fruit smoothie and paracetamol, we decided to head to somewhere new, and being in the company of recievers of swollen goods, we chose Es Cavallet. :lol:

Wow, what a lovely beach. 8) It was quiet, the sea was calm (which i hear is unusual) and clear torquoise, and the sand a fine white. There were nudists, but not a smany as i thought, maybe that is why it was quite quiet :confused: :?: We camped (excuse the pun) in front of El chiringuito (not El chiringay like my firends wanted :lol:), and as soon as we lay down Nicholas our waiter arrived offering beverages, i'm going to like it here 8) !!

After some obligatory sandcastle building, playing in the sea, and a little bit of R' n R' we ordered lunch. And what a lovely Calamar they do :p, that along with lobster salad, accompanied by the necessary hair of the dog, shandies and cava sangria, it was lovely !! And a not too unreasonable €37 each.

After lunch I got dragged down to the other end of the beach for a walk, and what an eye opener :eek: that was, stopping by the ever so friendly Chiringay, we were given free passes for La Troya that evening. I think it must have been the shorts ;) :!: That was tonights shenanigans taken car of then 8)

We left the beach around 6 pm to collect the incoming babysitter :lol: After collecting my mum we got ready to go to KM5. This was my first time to KM5, and initial impressions were good, although not blown away. The service was good again, very friendly, and once Amelie started dancing again, well that was it, the staff loved her !! :lol: The food was lovely, as was the wine, although the bill was a little steep for what we had. I think they charged us for the fact Niki Lauda was two tables away, and Ivanka Trump and some models were the other side, either way, i think I prefer El Ayoun for that sort of money.

After dinner we dropped of the turbo charged two year old and the babysitter, and went to Ibiza to meet Greg for a beer. Once we arrived in Ibiza we started feeling like letting our hair down properly for the first time in a few days, it was like a weight had been lifted :lol: We spent a good hour with El Grego, good to catch up mate ;) Then about 2 am decided to give La Troya a go.

We headed straight to the terrace where it was already in full swing 8) There was a good atmosphere already, the large bar at the end was converted into a big bed with naked people doing naughty'ish things to each other 8) The music was cool, not groundbreaking like, but cool non the less. A mixture of classic re edits, and more recent anthems had the place rocking. 8)
There were trapeze artists, lovely go go dancers, not so lovely go go dancers, drag queens on stilts, the ice cannons, tonnes of confetti, and then there was this funny little thing, She/he was about 4 foot short with the longest eye lashes ever, cropped hair with two very long pigtails, and a false bum covered in a pooh like material, all the while eating crisps in the middle of the dancefloor. It was a little weird :eek: but added to the atmosphere.

What a great night I loved it, as did the wife and our friends. The only dampner was a horrendously rude bar girl, apart form her the rest of them were lovely. All in all a great night. Then there was the ride home, the (legal) cabbie thought he was Zack Mayo from an officer and a gentleman (Hey Greg ;)), the guy was a lunatic, as we were all little :eek: we thought it was hillarious :lol: We finally got home at 6.15 am, the sun was about to rise :confused: as was amelie in 2 and a bit hours :spank:

Hey nice review!!

2 Questions : where did you rent that villa (do they have a website?), and where did you get a babysitter in Ibiza? :)
nice to see you again mate........a few comments.

in this part 1 you've already eaten in more restaurants than i have in the last year!!

the 4 foot short thing with long eye lashes is a guy, he does something similar for cocoon, space and others.

and it's a good job you didn't call those first days as we were fully booked!!

did you make it to FMIF then?
nice to see you again mate........a few comments.

in this part 1 you've already eaten in more restaurants than i have in the last year!!

the 4 foot short thing with long eye lashes is a guy, he does something similar for cocoon, space and others.

and it's a good job you didn't call those first days as we were fully booked!!

did you make it to FMIF then?

Re. restaurants, thats what the holiday was meant to be about, relaxing and eating well ;)

Re. FMIF, unfortunately yes :rolleyes: Will explain in part 2 mañana ;)

Re. the 4 foot thing eating crisps, WTF is that about :confused: Very odd !!??
Tell you what Liam, mine and your turbo charged daughter would be a funkin nightmare together!

We'll have to leave them with the other halves or Grego!!:eek::lol:

Thursday 2nd July.

Finally managing to get to sleep around 7am :spank: I awoke about 2 hours later remembering I hadn't showed my Mum where everything was :spank:. With just sunglasses and a towel and without saying a great deal, Mum knew what to do and I headed back to bed, for just 2 hours :evil: that was when the hangover kicked in !! I dont know what it is, wether its because i'm a parent now with responsibilities, or what ? But I just cant lie in anymore, gone are the days I could stay in bed until late in the afternoon :confused:

After attempting breakfast, and with our guests now arisen, we gave my mum the choice of where to go for the day, and she chose a beach day at Tropicana in Jondal. We dont normally do the same thing or place twice in one holiday, but as Mum had come over to 'sit' for us, for free, I thought it was only fare she could choose. So off to jondal we headed.

As we'd only been there 3 days earlier, and having been there a few times in the past, the Beach waitress recognised us and gave us the frontline beds, which was sweet as it was much easier with the littl'un going back and forth on the hot sand to the sea, especially feeling decidedly ropey :( After a couple of beers normal service was resumed. The power of hair of the dog 8) We ate a lovely lunch, nice fresh salad, grilled calamar and some nice juicy Raones (?), just what the doctor ordered :!: A little siesta followed, only to be awoken by either the jolts or my 2 year old :spank:

We left Tropicana around 18.30 popping in to Blumarlin for a quicky, as we arrived Goldfish were just starting, which was a nice suprise 8). Not really knowing much about them I wasnt sure what to expect, within about 10 minutes they had the punters pleasently bopping about. What a tallented pair of lads :!: Playing with a combination of either the sax, flute, double bass, or keyboards they had people smiling with their own fusion of jazz influenced beats. Thats one thing i noticed at quite a few places this year, especially the beach bars, not the typical lounge music that is usually played, definately more of an acid jazz influence.

We stayed for a couple of hours, and if it wasnt for the company of our beloved daughter, it would have been longer. If you cant make it to Blu marlin for Paco on a sunday, then i can wholeheartedly recommend thursdays 8)

Goldfish at Blumarlin.

That evenings night out was sellected and planned by the missus and our two guests, I didnt have a say really as I wanted to go to Cream for Sasha on the terrace. And yes they wanted to go to FMIF as Kelly Rowland was doing a live PA :spank: :oops: We booked a table to eat there for 11pm, the terrace (sushi lounge) was roasting, word of advice, in june or july eat inside, there just isnt enough breeze outside. Anyway the food was lovely, I had the seabass and it was the best i've had for ages, the rest had sushi which they enjoyed.

We entered the club around 1.15 am and it was already rammed :spank:, so we headed to the roof terrace for a drink, by the time we got back inside it was even more rammmed :twisted: We took our normal possition next to the bar by the stairs, even there you were getting jostled and pushed about :spank: You could tell most were there for Kelly Rowland, they had their cameras at the ready :lol: Sara Main was palying initially, for the last half hour of her set she was playing the normal type of comercial house you would expect, nothing offensive, nothing brilliant. Then came on Arno Cost and Jonty Skruff :confused: , and they just tried to smash it straight away, playing really quite heavy stuff you dont really expect for Pacha on a Monsieur du Fromage night :eek: By this point I was tempted to sneak off and go to Amnesia :confused:, the things you do hey :rolleyes: :!: At about 04.30 Mr Brie himself came on the decks, you could tell as all of a sudden the San An massive surged forwards cameras above their heads. And what was his first record :rolleyes: one of his own :rolleyes: that overplayed peice of drivel 'love dont let me go' is it :confused:, anyway, we counted he played it 3 times over the next 2 and a bit hours :lol: Funny really, i'm just glad i didnt pay to get in :lol: The only real highlight was Kelly Rowland, ok i dont like the song, but live she was very good. I expected her only to have an ok voice, maybe due to the fact she was second fiddle to Beyonce in DC, but oh no, her voice is fantastic live, though she only sang for 4 minutes :D, all that just to sing one bloody song :lol:. Then as soon as she left so did the San an crew, and there was room again !! We left at about 6.15, and Monsieur Roquefort was still twiddling with his knobs. The most exciting part of the night was the taxi ride home, we got another psycho for the secind night on the trot, normally i'd say something, but we just found it hillarious :confused: :lol: Not the best of nights, but then i didnt expect it to be, the food was lovely, and we had a laugh, but overall it was a pile of crap. Should have gone to Cream :p

Friday 3rd july (our last full day).

Our friends had to be at the airport for 08.30 :eek:, and as you can imagine after no sleep and a skinfull, they had an horrendous time, one was almost not allowed through security. All the while we slept in until about 11.45, not a huge ammount of sleep, but 5 hours is better than nothing, and it wasnt fair to leave mum to look after little one by herself. So after a cold shower, attempting breakfast, some paracetamol and aquarius, we headed to the beach, this time we decided to go to Sa caleta. A lovely little beach when its quiet, but unfortunately it wasnt :evil: . Still, amelie had a nice time, befriending a little german boy kept her busy most of the afternoon. A nice lunch in the Caleta restaurant, consisting of more fresh grilled calamar, chopitos and salad, and a few shandies, and we were as right as rain.

After a couple more hours on the beach we decided to head back to the villa for a quick turnaround, then into Ibiza town for some retail therapy for the girls, followed by an earlyish dinner. We ate at a little restaurant in a side alley, I cant remember the name, just around the corner form the Cd stall opposite the ferry :confused:, we ate some lovely tuna steaks, and we drank some very nice Rueda white wine :p After dinner we headed back to the villa as Amelie was still awake :spank: and we had to start packing as we were leaving the next day :cry:.

Saturday 4th july. Time to go :cry:

We had our first decent sober nights sleep for a few days, and it was really hard getting up. After finishing off packing the car, and handing back the keys to the villa we were in the port by 10am. Bought the obligatory newspapers and magazines for the boat journey, and off we went. :x We got back to our house by 13.45 pm to be greeted by two very excited bullmastifs. Holiday over :evil:

All in all we had a lovely time, just what we needed. We hadn't been away for more than a week in over a year, and we were deperate to get away to chill and recharge the batteries. And thats just whate we did. Thats the thing about Ibiza, I've had tonnes of trips there just to go clubbing, I've had hoilidays mixing relaxing with going out caning it. And although this time was about a nice chilled family holiday with nice beaches and restaurants, with a couple of nights out thrown in, it still didn't dissapoint.

I still think Ibiza is amazing. Where else do you get the nicest beaches and coves, amazing retaurants, great nightlife, and that unique laid back attitude coupled with an amazing vibe ? 8) I just cant wait to move there.
Fabulous review. Sounds like the perfect holiday.:):):)

I could not agree more with your ending comments, Ibiza has the absolute perfect mix of everything anyone could ever want.
What a great review!

Excuse me for being ignorant but where do you live at the moment?

Also could you tell me where the villa is :twisted:
Thanks :lol:

I really want to take the other half to Ibiza he has never done it before, but combine it also with a relaxing break (if we can afford it). Your review was great!
Fabulous review. Sounds like the perfect holiday.:):):)

I could not agree more with your ending comments, Ibiza has the absolute perfect mix of everything anyone could ever want.

Thanks. Like I said, I have had trips to Ibiza where ive just gone out all the time and not really taken in the island (or ate well :lol:), but now I'm a family man things obviously change. Though I am going end of august for a stag, and end september for the closings 8) But thats the beauty of Ibiza, you can do both :p

really nice review liam!!! :D

Cheers mate. How are you ? Jess ok ?? You going back in septemer yourself ? 8)