My 10 days in paradise


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sunday 18Th landed at Eivissa, sun was shining went for a walk true ibiza town and went to Eden, judgement sundays. The ambiance was great I just loved it. Went back to the hotel around 7am

monday got up around 1 pm, went to sallinas beach and enjoyed every minute, later on the afternoon we saw the parade for manumission giving away free champagne and making a great performance at the beach; one of us got even a free pass to manummission; so we decidided to go to manumission that night. The outside of the club was beautifull,... but the inside :evil: What is this??? Never saw such an ugly club with even guys in shorts and yes the football tops were there also. I know almot everybody said not to go and yes they were so wright it's not worth a cent!! So we left very early , around 3am and went back to the hotel, went to the beach and smoked a bit, so it turnted out to be a good night after all. Met some germans who where very friendly and staye till 8 am

Tuesday got up around 1pm and drove around the island, discovered some nice little beaches and saw great vieuws from the island; met a girl who's working at playa d'en bossa and she had some real cheap tickets to Amnesia that night so forgot our plans to go to El Devino and went to Amnesia. The atmosphere was great, music even better met a couple from Gerany and had one of the best E's ever; real good club night left around 8am and went to sleep

Wednesday got up around 1pm and went to Benniras beach met 2 german grils who were very nice talking too and had a great afternoon at the beach, evening went to Pacha Subliminal and saw our animation crew from the hotel. Partied all night with them and again another great night.

Thursday stayed at the hotel and mostly slept all the afternoon at the swimming pool, night went at Amnesia cream ; place was really to full but the terrace was great met some guyr from Australia and Scotland and had once again a great time. Left around 7am

Friday; satyed at playa d'en bossa and later on went to Borra Borra beach had a good time and went back to the hotel for an early sleep.

saturday what happened this night??? our room was filled up with wwater, the streets also,... help??? once afternoon it was OK and we went to ibiza town to buy some cd's. Evening went to the west end and had a goo laugh; met a man with his women who're coming now from more than 20 years to ibiza; had a long talk with them and went to Es Paradis. home aroun 8am

Sunday: met up xith some girls from England and went to Space; definetly the best club experience of the island it was so great at the terrace and everyone wes loving it. Went out around 7pm and got back in around 11pm; stayed till 7am and went back to the hotel

Monday: left around 10am for a cruis with the catamaran, saw a girl who totally knocked off my shoes and started to talk withe her. Had a meal on the boat and went to Formentera; the island is really beautifull and it was the beginning of the most beautifull day of my life. Went back to the port of Ibiza and had a drink with this girl and her friends, decided to meet up at play d'en bossa and take a cab to Mambo café. We eate somethin at Mambo café, had a few cans of sangria and enjoyed the views. Later on we went for a walk, only the 2 of us and talked about lots of things, later on the evenign her friends decided to go back to the hotel; she stayed and we went to El Devino Four most of the time we were just sitting at the terrace talking but around 3am we started dancing, did'nt stop till 5am, accompagded her to the hotel and took the bus to the airport; I wes just in time or I had lost my airplane; not that it would be that worse after all I just met the girl of my dreams; anyway this day was the most romantic day ever had and the good thing is that this girl is only living 35 minutes away from where I'm living so maybe we can mae something beautifull of our ibiza experiences....

This was definetly the best holiday ever spent and Im sure that it won't be the last, thanks to all on this site for the advices and don't forget where life is beautifull ;)
That girl

So you didn't manage to go the whole way to top off your holiday? Sounds like thats what it was heading for! As long as you had a wqicked time!

Lovely review Smiley.....really happy you had a wikked time and connected wtth so many beautiful people (inside and out).....