Musiq Concrete @ Fire - 28/11 - Riton,Mowgli,Duke Dumont,Nathan Fake


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Musiq Concrete
Saturday 28th November
@ Fire & Lightbox
10pm - 6am


On November 28th 2009 a truly fresh approach to all things rave will unfold, five rooms of eclectic musical genius, hell bent on shifting your soul in every which way that it may be shifted!

The destination is FIRE and THE LIGHTBOX, all roads end at this fantastic, and highly acclaimed clubbing space, with a 2000 capacity, where revelers can lose themselves between arches that metamorphose smoothly from groovy jazzy tempos to down right dirty and in your face left field electronica!

It’s been said that the house music is on the slippery slope to contraction in London; whether or not this is true, does the fact that there’s concern spell a rocky time ahead for raving in the foreseeable future? Well, we don’t think so…

Musiq Concrete is the inevitable progression moreover, the necessary response to a club scape who’s musical boundaries are rapidly becoming diluted. Make no mistake, the kids still want to party; it’s just that a single slice of cake isn’t enough any more, demand is rife for cup cakes, eclectic ones and the kids want to eat them in their own special way! And believe us when we say, Musiq Concrete is one serious waste widening slice of party cake!


Main Room - FIRE
Musiq Concrete

Duke Dumont
Hannah Holland
Cassette Jam
DJ Cooks
Casper C

Hosted by - Best Laid Plans

Nathan Fake
David e Sugar
Dansette Junior
Vincent Oliver
Fade in Fade Out
Best Laid Plans DJs

The Argument - THE LIGHTBOX
Hosted By CSY & Friends

L-Vis 1990 Vs Martelo
CSY Vs DJ Khalil
Filth & Splendour Vs James Harcourt
Public House Vs Dalston Beatdown
Tidy’Rhythm Vs DJ Tuco

The Red Room -
Hosted by Club Natural

Enzo Siragusa
Fabio Teti
Dan Farserelli
Williams & Du Bois
David Bevan

Diamond Lounge
Brassroots (3 hour Show)
in the mix with
DJ Judge & Etienne


Address: Vauxhall, London SW8 1RT
Tube: Vauxhall

Mowgli is the pseudonym of Michele Savasta an Italian born dj and producer, who despite being only 25, has been making music now for ten years. Having started at just 15, making beats for local MC’s in Northern Italy on a cheap keyboard and sampler. He was fascinated by Hip Hop culture, and starting out by making graffiti, but very soon realised that creating music was the direction for him. At 18 he moved to Bologna and became immersed in the illegal rave scene where he developed a love for Drum and Bass, releasing his first record on the Teknomobilsquad label.

Having moved to London to up the ante, he hits the ground running with an amazing bootleg of “Do It Again” by the Chemical Brothers, putting him on the radar for Radio One with plays from Pete Tong and Annie Mac as well as XFM, it has also set the blogs alight. With the promise of one new bootleg a month, expect more unofficial remix action. As well of course as the remixes he has been commissioned to do in Jan alone, which include “Lazy” by X-Press 2, “Council Estate” by Tricky from his new album, Simian Mobile Disco “Its The Beat”.

On top of all this he has a brand new EP “Club Life” which has already been played by Pete Tong and has been released on Southern Fried Records.

Musiq Concrete offers a little glowing heat in the form of 10, not 1 not 2, but 10 FREE mixes, including a Musiq Concrete exclusive, a 10 min mash up preview of Cream residents, Cassette Jam's new album! ooooo la la!

All early bird cheapy weepys have gone! But £10 tickets are available online and in most HMV stores!

And now for the winter warmer....

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Musiq Concrete's £100 bar tab competition is nearly at a close and we've had a lot of thirsty entries! NICE ONE!

You gotta be in it to win it!

And while you're busy getting your tipple organised, take a look at Nathan Fake's digression ahead of his set on the 28th of November in party people, Best Laid Plans' room.

You may or may not heard of Mr fake, but if you like your Techno a wee bit wonky and experimental reading the following is an auditory must!