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Some tracks get an extra dimension through the music video associated with it.

I often catch myself returning to youtube for tracks I know by heart and have watched/heard a dozen times before.
Afterwards I never regret, no matter how much rubbish publicity Google throws at me.

I guess most of you have the same experience scrolling the web.
Would be interesting to see which videos you keep getting back to.
Ibiza footage gets double points.

Something to get this started:

Jansen / Barbieri - Mission (1985!)

Coil - Windowpane

Mondkopf - Fading Rainbow (video made by ordinary user, probably without prior consent of the artist)

T. Raumschmiere - Wacker (filmed at a club night in Cologne's Gewölbe Club)

Wham! feat. Tony Pikes - Club Tropicana :)
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Johnny Vodka

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Also Aphex Twin - Windowlicker. Not sure if I should link to it directly due to all the very offensive language at the start.


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From the retro dancing department:

Rhye - The Fall (Maurice Fulton Alt Remix)

The Glimmers present Disko Drunkards - Physical

Nørus - Make a Move

No_4mat - 1992

DJ HMC - Marauder
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The inevitable Shed My Skin deserves a special mention.
Grew tired of the song but the video editor has done an amazing job.

It's inseperably linked to Sa Trinxa ever since its release in 2001.
I'm wondering if the owners were/are happy with that.

According to the comments his name is Kees and lives in Rotterdam.

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