Mulletover/Sancho Panza XMAS Warm Up 29th November


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As the days get shorter and Christmas approaches mulletover invites all to adorn the holly, mistletoe and red and white attire for the Xmas warm-up party. Featuring a whole host of talent in the main room including Clive Henry, resident at the infamous DC10 that has just had its doors closed for the last time in a long while. As one half of Peace Division, Clive has made his mark on the global dance scene through a string of original productions and forward-thinking dancefloor sets.

Back2Basics is one of the longest-running club nights in the UK. About to celebrate their 17th birthday, they have the high standard of their residents to thank for their continued success. Tristan Da Cunha is a name synonymous not only with the history of Back2Basics but also 2020Vision Recordings. For the past 10 years he has been crowned a 'musical chameleon' for his taking pride in fitting the right music with the right place & people to create those special moments.

Mat Playford is another long-standing member of the dance scene, part of Weirdo Police, founder of Weirdo Records and more recently his Social Problem label, he has had releases this summer on Skint, Paper Recordings and Saved. Recent guest spots of John Digweed’s worldwide radio show and BBC Radio 1 are also alighting new audiences to his great talents and weird disco sound.

The musical force of mulletover, Geddes has two remixes out before the end of the year. Reworking Nick Curly and Tom Demac for his own label murmur, he continues to produce and play a selection of the best underground cuts.

Sancho Panza began in a basement in north London on New Years Eve 1992. Since then fiestas have taken place in warehouses, film studios, photography studios, old cinemas, gymnasiums, on boats, in Rio de Janeiro, and infamously on the streets of Notting Hill. The legendary Steve Kotey of Chicken Lips fame will join Matt Brown and Jimmy K-Tel as they take over room 2 for this special Xmas celebration.
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