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Did anyone see the clip on RI:SE This morning about the MUD BATHS i forgot which beach they were on as soon as they said it anybody catch the name of the beach.


Does anyone know of it?????????????????


Scary, I was just about to ask exactly the same question. I did not catch the name either. It was an island of Ibiza, but they did not say Formentera. Anyone know?
Up to early to see it, but how's this? Sound familiar?

Cala Xarraca
located on the northern coast of Ibiza.Cala Xarraca is divided in two beaches;the first beach has a restaurant-beachbar just 8m. from the shore and it's long and sandy with plenty of sunbeds to rent slightly up on the right side there's an big arabic palace.The second, smaller, part of the beach at S'illot has a mud bath at it's far end ,lots of people go and cover up in mud and then lay in the sun(mud has cleaning properties) and wash it of with a refreshing swim in the clean transparent waters.The whole area is very wild and great for walks through the pine covered hills and on the cliffs along the coastline.Highly recomended "tranquilo"(relaxed) beach.
Yeah, that's 'cos someone else wrote it!

To be honest, I always get West and East confused, having a preference for west, as that's where I grew up in the UK.

It's bloody murder trying to go eastbound on the tube i can tell you!!!

it's around Xarraca/Portinatx-NE corner of the island. Check out the ibiza holidays website- they have something about is under the beach section.