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On an Ibiza programme called 'Barefoot in the Med' screened on Rapture TV, a beach was shown with loads of mud baths.
Can you tell me where this is?
hmm try Stephen or read the "SPA TREATMENT" section I authored, Stephen knows everything about beauty-treats ;) but if its mudwrestling you are looking for, then sorry - cant help you! :p
For mud baths u have to go to espalmador its a likttle island close to formentera, it smells quite bad, but they say its good for the skin. Once u get to beach u have to walk for a bout 10 mins and ull see the mud -
In illetes beach in formentera you can rent an inflatable boat to go to espalmador for about 30 € an hour. They take u there and then at the time set they come back to pick u up-.
Never trusted mud baths. Why? Because at a lot of spas I don't trust that they change the mud. I have also heard people say they have found some gross stuff in the mud since the spa didn't put in new mud after someone used it. All I got to say is pubic hair! Hee! Hee! :lol: Don't know about in Ibiza though!
true: mud baths are unsanitary

its quite time consuming to change the mud between customers, and the mud itself is expensive.

if you want the benefits of mud for the skin, try something like a body wrap. they scrub the skin, cover you in mud, rinse you off, and apply a moisturizer to the whole body. (not face)

im not sure if/where in ibiza you can get it, but most spas around the world offer body wraps.

i guess u guys dont get the point,. In espalmador(Formentera) there is no SPA no hotel no NOTHING just natural mud . Thatyou have to put it by urself. then u go to the nearest beach and u get clean, thas all.
Diablo, you're true, I saw a Spanish documentary some months ago about the island s'Espalmador. There's no spa on the island, it's only natural. Moreover, there's no people living on it, and the visits are very few, so it's a very nice and quiet place. Therefore you'll not find surprises within the mud, unless uncivic people leave some garbage and other things.

When the people in the documentary just finished their mud baths, they ran into the water of the closest beach to rinse themselves out. What an amazing turquoise blue beach it was!! :eek:

Thank you for your info on how to arrive. I'd love to visit Formentera (after many years I was on it) and s'Espalmador.
El_Diablo said:
it smells quite bad, but they say its good for the skin

here is a picture:

mudbaths are discusting: fact
mudbaths are not sanitary: fact

and it doesnt help your skin, it dries it out! try a fruitwrap instead, like Papaya that soothes and nourished the skin and makes you feel way better!
Mud bath at s'Espalmador: a dangerous health fashion
The Ses Salines Natural Park launches a campaign to remember that bathing in mud on the island is prohibited

The fashion of mud baths on the islet of s'Espalmador still in vogue and continues to spread among tourists, so the Ses Salines Natural Park has launched an information campaign to remind you that this practice in the inner lagoon islet is "expressly prohibited".

The Government says it has never reported to the mud baths, trendy for some years among visitors, pose no benefit to the skin and, conversely, may cause health problems or infections because they are stagnant waters without output or communication with the sea.

The campaign is aimed at tour operators, hotels, apartments, car rentals, water services and other companies related to the tourism sector, said yesterday the Govern in a statement.

Have also been installed at the main entrances of four signals s'Espalmador large reporting on the prohibition of this activity.

The campaign especially remember the mud baths are an illegal practice under the rules of the Natural Park, and is pernicious because it involves the modification of the morphology of the coast of the lagoon, since small rafts and holes to sit and collect become the mud.

Severe discomfort for wildlife
Additionally, this behavior causes serious inconvenience for the fauna and modifies the substrate where many species feed, especially waders.

Although previously they have been interventions to prevent access by tourists, by delimitations with sticks and ropes in the wetland, and no trespassing signs, mud baths and publicizing continue to perform.

Therefore, the Government requested the maximum collaboration of administrations and tourism enterprises to avoid the impact of this practice in one of the most important wetlands in the Natural Park, the only one of the Balearic Islands.

The area where visitors dipped in the mud is particularly important, both for its uniqueness, because it is a lagoon on a small island, and its potential for aquatic birds, who use it as a resting and feeding.

Last year, the entrepreneur Paris Hilton posted a photo on her Instagram account on which was battered in mud s'Espalmador with two friends.

The owners own islet, Norman and Rosy Cinnamond Planás, brothers have denounced on several occasions over recent years that the massive influx of people s'Espalmador is causing severe environmental degradation. One of the practices that harm the fragile ecosystem of the island and have repeatedly denounced is fashionable bathing in the mud of the lagoon.
The Cinnamond brothers observed every year hundreds of visitors ignore the signs that impede access to the lagoon (which by wooden walkways accessed), and reach the ponds west of the wetland, where mud accumulates.

Two years ago, Norman Cinnamond indignantly reminded this newspaper that "there is a law from 2006 which prohibits bathing in the mud but there is no way anyone forced to do it".

went to those mud baths as a kid in '87 with my parents and their friends when we were sailing around the islands. everyone was nude. it looked like a scene from 'Curse of the Swamp Creature'
Must admit I didn't cake up at Aigues Blanques (or in Menorca at Cala Pilar) because it was drier than usual and a lot of the sources looked pretty lean. The fauna gets priority always ! It does look pretty odd to me seeing people do this in bathing suits in peak season, what that stuff does to clothing .... and also you just can't have all those people wiring into a limited resource like that. it's not really about the so-called health benefits, there's something a bit 'tribal' about getting caked from head to toe in mud lol. But for me when there's hardly anyone there and it's peaceful - not on a crowded beach full of folk patting balls about. Kind of ruins the whole experience !!!