MTV 2003



I got an newsletter email from space a week ago telling me about some MTV aquasonic party at gala night on saturday 16th of august. Thats my last night on the white isle and think it may be pretty good. I know garlands and hed kandi are supporting it aswell. Any1 kno anything about this??
U think it'll be any good? saturday's usually one of the quieter nights with many ppl preaparing for the carnage that is we love sundays
i don't know what to make of it to be honest.

but like you said there isn't really much happening on saturday's.

apart from def mix, and hed kandi.
Space birthday on 17th of aug....cant believe i go home saturday 16th :cry:
think i might give it a go,if ive got any money left, just party the day away in the hed kandi room.....FUNKY!!