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hi everybody

going to be moving to ibiza in january, just got to sort out getting my house in the uk up for rent. can't wait to come over. would i be best sorting out my long term rental once i arrive in january (stay in a hostel till i get an appartment sorted)
also what are the best areas to stay in all year round, love san an but heard it's a bit of a ghost town in the winter.
I don't need to work when i arrive as i work month on month off offshore and can fly direct from ibiza to my workplace each month.

cheers to everyone, hopefully see u all soon
san an in winter is nothing like its summer guise, but ghost town it ain't. there's lots and lots happening and all the good bars and restaurants stay open (bar their annual holidays)
Jan would be a good time to come look, Hire cars and hotels / hostels will be cheep, The weather is usually not far off English summer :) And people are skint so you can drive a hard bargain,
I would suggest spending a few days / nights in different places, eg San an , Ibiza , Santa Eulalia, then there is all the outlying villages from there, eg Cala llonga up this end has quite a few all year round ex pats, but is not exactly the party capital of the world,
They are very different places "to live" not just stay for a holiday, so have a good wander and look first :lol:

Have a good one
On the sunrise side :D
cheers for your advice guys, i'll just have a tour about when i get over and see where i prefer. so looking forward to moving over :D
When we first moved to Ibiza it was winter. We rented a place in Ibiza town and mostly concentrated on looking for a place to buy up there. Theres always lots of people about in winter and we really like the atmosphere but after a few months we decided the parking situation and the damp feeling really wasn´t our thing. Everywhere else just seemed sunnier. It´s because of the tall buildings and narrow streets in town.
The area we moved to really is like a ghost town in winter but that´s part of it´s appeal to me and if I want to go somewhere livelier like Ibiza town then I drive up there in 30 minutes. Nowhere on the island is far away wherever you live.
As Tim said. Spend a bit of time in different areas to see what you think.
And something someone said to me when I was looking at buying a property, If you are going to use it in winter, make sure it is not on a north slope or facing north, It will be cold and damp all winter,

Have a good one
Our house is on a north slope but it get the sun all day because the sun can hit the side of the house in the morning and as the sun rises it stays above the top of the mountain and then later in the day we get sun on the other side. It does get cold in winter though but that´s because our place was built well before the building regulations about installing insulation.
thats the flights booked, coming over on the 26th january to begin with the house hunt. flights are quite reasonable only £90 all together to get from aberdeen - heathrow - stansted - ibiza :)
gonna be staying in san an when i come over in a hostel till i find a place then get my stuff sent over DHL.
I am also thinking of moving out to ibiza next year but would not be until July, I am a teacher so need to see out my academic year first. I would be interested to hear from anyone that may have a spare room for a bit. I like my music but not into the drug scene and am in my early 30's so moving there for the lifestyle more than the hardcore scene.

Is there any work for a Brit there other than barwork?
I would be interested in flat sharing but I'm coming over for the full party scene, will have friends coming over and crashing on the floor at times, am looking at 2-3 bedroom apartments just now so there will be an extra room, don't know how easy I would be to live with though as I've always lived alone. I won't really know whats happening until I actually move over in January and get myself settled in.
I'm offshore at the moment and my work schedule means that if i was sharing a flat the person I am sharing with will be in the flat for 6 months of the year without me being there as I work month on, month off over in Azerbaijan.
I will keep the flat sharing in my mind and get back to you in january, if you would like to contact me i can be reached at
thats my house in the UK rented out and my car sold, just a month to go till the big move, getting really excited now, anybody fancy meeting for a few drinks in january?
then get my stuff sent over DHL.
DHL is expensive, If it is a lot of stuff, there are a fair few removals companies come here monthly, Jiggins is my recommendation ( they will do a box to a house full) If it is parcel type stuff, you can choose to use DHL at about 1/3rd the price through them,

Welcome to the Island, If you can get your head round it, Got to be one of the best places in the world to live :eek: It`s Ibiza ,,,,,,,,,

Have a good one
Cheers for the replies Guys, i'm viewing an apartment when i get over beside kanya, looks fairly decent so here's hoping. i'll give u a PM when i get over and we can get a meet organised.