moving to ibiza: nov 2008

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hi everyone

my name is charlie tiger
you can call me cj if you like, which my friends do
i am planning to move to ibiza in 2 years exactly from now (nov 3, 2006)
i have very little idea of what it is actually like to live there, i only know that it is one of the DJ capitals of the world. since i am a upcoming DJ, i figure i will move there and learn all i can about (DJing)

also i am some what of an artist, i think Spain (ibiza) is beautiful, and i will have no trouble finding beauty to capture in paintings, poetry, and music.
i want to move there myself, live there during the off season so i can be alone, and just be free for a while.

please tell me, what is the weather really like in the winter. i asume it is not half as bad as here (vancouver, canada)

i know it will be expensive, that is why i am saving for two years to give myself time to think about everything thurrow.

i was also thinking that i would be able to produce an album while i am there.
probably just on a computer with my turntables.

i dont know how much it will cost to bring my equipment from canada, i figure it will be costly, but i wonder if it would be cheaper to buy new stuff there.. if you have an idea id like to know.

if anybody could tell me anything they can that would be helpful i would greatly appreciate it

i would like to get to know some people over the internet so i could possibly have some friends when i go there aswel

what i really want to do somehow, is save enough for a down payment so i can buy get a mortgage out here, and rent it out until it is paid. i still dont know if i will be moving to ibiza permenently or for just one year, but definently one year

how much would it cost to live there one year??? as affordable as possible ( i am nowhere near rich)

could you buy property out there? lets say one of those villas or even a trailer, could you survive??? {sorry, recently check out what a villa is... looks f*n pricey} i like the recording studio idea though. WOW!!!

besides, clubs and hotels, what kind of business are there out there all season? anything?

i am a courier in vancouver, riding a bicycle. do you think they would have any need for couriers out there?

hmmmm..... ????

well please reply whoever you are
i am serious about this as i am about everything
i would love to hear from you



i am also a Christian or rather i believe in Christ, my church is an Anglican church, but i am not picky
I would like to connect with the church community there, do you know of any good churches with friendly people? i would love to check it out!
that would be BRILLIANT!!!
he he LOL (we dont normally use the expression BRILLIANT here, but i love it already!

hey do you speak El SPANIO (spanish)
got any tips, what is the common dialect there, what are some phrases i sould be aware of?

thanks for your help
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