Moving to Ibiza next year



Hi guys , this is Marco from Italy.
I'm planing to move to LA ISLA and I want to live there the whole year.
I don't need a Job 'cause I work with profit on Internet as a Stock Trader.
So I was wondering, do you think it'spossible to find a nice apartment spending an average european rent?
I was thinking to move there in February , March.
I have a cat, is there a quarantine to pass ?
Sorry my English is pretty bad :rolleyes:
Thanks for any advice !
good news marco.

there is no quarantine for cats - just ensure you have the correct paperwork, innoculations and microchips.

renting an apartment is the most expensive thing about ibiza, it's the same as in madrid or barcelona, but if you have a 12 months rental contract it will be at a more reasonable price, which will depend on where and what size you want.
( eg +/- 600 for a two bed apt)
hope this helps.

btw your english is excellent - welcome to the board
Thanks for your reply Stephen.
Good to know quarantine is not necessary. You know, I consider my cat as my little hairy brother ;)
Well, it seems yearly rents are not worse than here in big Italian towns like Rome or Milan.
Btw this is really the best site I've ever seen about Ibiza so far, and I really enjoy your daily news . They just give a nice touch of reality from this wonderful place.

By any chance, do you know if Ikea in Palma delivers stuff in Ibiza ?
well maybe I 'd better ask them by e-mail.

Ok I guess I'll ask you for some info sometimes.
Thanks in advance
Are you guys all from England ?
yes ikea deliver to ibiza. you just pay the freight cost on top of the normal price.

you may want to consider for furniture etc
Thank you Stephen, I didn't know about them, but I'll bear it in mind next time we go on a shopping session.....