Moving to Costa Blanca. Need Job and Apt


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Hi there everyone.

Me an my partner Ben lived in Benidorm for 9 months in 2004. We are now back in the UK :evil: but are looking to move to Benidorm permanently in October 2007 :D and would be eternally grateful if you can offer ANY help or advice.

We are both 25, I have worked in admin, accounts and customer service and Ben is currently the manager of a busy town centre Wetherspoons, he has also got his personal license and Doormans badge, with great customer service experience (we both repped in Benidorm, I also worked in the My Travel office). We would need to find a long-term rental (prefarebly a 2 bed apt) and jobs for both of us. We are both very hardworking and are very serious about making a new life for ourselves out there in Costa Blanca.

Our dream would be to run a bar together 8) , but unfortunately our finances wont stretch for our own bar :cry: and I am not sure what opportunities there are out there for us to run a bar for someone else. We are both very flexible and would do (almost!) anything work wise.

We would really appreciate any help or advice you could offer.

Thanks again
Nicola & Ben:D