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hi everyone i am hoping to move to benidorm this summer with my 3 children 2 of them are at working age and one at 11 school age can anyone advice me on the best place to live near benidorm also any advice on the schools and is there plenty of jobs for the full 12 months of the year this has been a really hard decisision for us all but has always been my dream (dont like england anymore ha:lol: ) can anyone advice me who has done this it is a big step for me and my kids but if i dont do it now i never will an lifes too short not to give things a go and take risks please advice if you can as my heads banging thinking about it ha:spank: thankx


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Claire im not much good at advice but all i Can say is DO IT. If its viable and you have a plan of action. There will always be a bit of fear towards the unknown, A bit like starting a new job or new school. But they are exciting thoughts, adreniline is always a good thing. If ur gutt feeling is wanting to leave GB then do it. Do a lot of research over the net.
This link is a good guideline of whats needed It is about Ibiza premiarily but spainsh law is same anywere but defo check that up with regards to tax's.. getting an NIE is important, its similar to national insurance number, you can download the application form for it over the net & if like me u arnt the best at speaking/reading spanish then it easier having this filled in before leaving UK

Iv never been to benidorm or any were on mainland spain but everything inc solicitors, estate agents british consell is all on the net.. Everything can be done from home but my only advice is what everyone tells me, Dont buy property until your out there. Rent for few months While looking.
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