Movies and Video Clips filmed in Ibiza


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do u guys know much movies or video clips who are filmed in Ibiza?
i know the movie It's all gone Pete Tong

video clip Shed my skin
but there are lots more i guess

post them all here
if u know other movies about dj's or nightlife...


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paul johnson - get down - >
energy 52 - cafe del mar ->
kevin and perry go large (Hate this film but amusingly enough, a neighbour from my childhood is in it at the airport wearing a Rangers top and i only just found this out :p)
Theres a decent MOS DVD segment you can find on Youtube ->
Search for a film called "A short film about chilling" (its actually on my blog on my myspace page below) - >
Theres a film called Ibiza's Children kicking about from about 2003 - >
Theres a documentary called Drugland Ibiza on Google Earth which is worth watching - > cant find this right now, will put it up if i come across it again

pffft.... thats just off the top of my head, im sure others will add to it!

amnesia 2006 review ->
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the original - i love you baby (is set in ibiza town and then ends up in pacha)

mel c recorded a video of hers in es paradis

barcelona is at Ku

offshore by chicane is in formentera

sex and lucia (spanish film) heavily features formentera


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cream did a tv series in ibiza 2001 and other years too i think.

channel 4 did something also "the dog's balearics" with dermot o'leary in 00/01


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there was a poor spanish soap a couple of years back, which i doubt is still going, called "diez en ibiza".

and of course harry on the boat was filmed in ibiza too.