Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes


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What a tune its on Tiesto's Naya album and it reminds me of tiesto at Cream@Amnesia

Anyone know what im on about? if not download it and listen with a big smile on your face :)
One of the best tracks of the year!!! Got the promo a few weeks ago... I think I might actually wear this vinyl out!!!!

Can't wait to hear Tiesto drop this @ Amnesia when I'm there 8)

Pretty much everything Gabriel and Dresden have touched this year is on fire!!!!
Heard it at Homelands for the first time courtesy of Oakie, quality track my fave trance one for some time. Have been playing it loads!
I'm listening to it at work right now! That is hands-down my favorite trancey-pants tune of the year. I distinctly recall the exact location where we were on the dance floor at Amnesia when Tiesto dropped it. It's sooooo full of goosebumps and love!
the track is great ,he dropped the imogen bailey + michael woods track if you want me last year, non vocal edit, but then it was released again with vocals and Tiesto is a trendsetter - he proves this every time!!!
I really wasn't a fan of this tune until Tiesto played it here at the beginning of June. Instantly became a classic for me :D