Morillo at Space Closing



:D So what did everyone think of Morillo at Space Closing. I personally thought he was amazing and the atmosphere there was brilliant. I get tingles every time I think of it! :D :D :D Thought Steve Lawler was pretty hot too!!! :eek:
I did mention in a previous post that I thought Morillo was pretty bad at Space Closing but I think it had something to do with me being at the back of the Terrace. They seemed to have either turned the speakers off or turned them down at the back. Everyone around us was complaining and they were all complaining about Morillo but it looks like we should have been complaining about the speakers being turned off.
The majority of people I have spoken to or heard from said Morillo was brilliant except those at the back of the Terrace.
We just could not hear the music, so killed any atmosphere there was.
I was stood right at the front and I think just to watch Morillo was great, he seemed to be loving every minute of it :D Is it true that he was supposed to finish at 12 and carried on for and extra 2 hours? and who was that old fella speaking at the end?
I thought he was spot on.

Specially his "Little More Love" routine.

Tune of the summer - defo :p
Barbie said:
Pete said:
What was the last tune played :?:

Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way :D

Hi Pete, how is you and Sar?? Hope you are good ;)

don't get me wrong i think its quality when morillo finishes with that tune but.................... i've seen him play 3 times this year and each time he has finished with that tune!!!!!!! and harry chho choo romero finished with that tune aswell the last time i saw him!!!!!

do you think there getting paid extra by lenny kravits ........ haha only joking