Mora Amaro la Loba and Marcus Nalgaber /Music/Video/Art/

In the rain

Today it rains
in the field of the dead
while I walk
reading their names
written in chalk
on crosses of blackboard

landscape that Life planted in my thought
and that I leave behind
dancing in the rain
to feel me alive
despite those graves
despite their voices calling me

I dance I dance
for them for me
the fog is chasing me

dense cloud that does not fly
but is enough to hide any meaning

and while I walk
I feel devoured by the shadow
of what cannot be changed
Run, run, run

I run I run I run
the night is cold

I run I run I run
the fog wraps the street lamps
the street lamps

I run I run I run

leaving behind
the steam of my breath
of my breath

Streets and more streets with no nME

North South East West
the Rose of Winds slept
in the box of Yesterday
Bad Boy? What do you think?

He has no face
he is just a voice
whispering words and words and words x2

he makes you think that it is you who think
he is a lover having more lovers
but when reappearing he is well received

he is the God of Thoughts

he is capricious like the weather
and can turn you into a plug
carried away by the current
when he shuts up

bad boy bad boy
talk to me
I will make you a crown
with the words that you give me
Clinging to a kite

I go clinging to a kite
trying to make sure
my feet
don't lose a shoe

I cross life quickly
not to fall prisoner of the winds
that moments inspire me

I am filled with gestures,
words and events,
that orbit around me,
parallel universe
that I see only in my dreams

how difficult it is to know how to be a hand,
a kite
and the rope that holds it
Before Night Arrives

I am the sane as always
adorning life and death
with words that give calm
to deal with fears an traps
hidden on this battlefield

I thought i was flying
I though I was running
but all things pass beyond any watch

the landscape painted by my steps
is being left behind behind behind

so much life breathed
so many things sleeping in the box
of oblivion
as I walk
through the days
before my night arrives