In ibiza do you have to have a licence or a provisional to hire out mopeds?and can any one tell me what the price of hiring one out is????
Anyone think of hiring a moped should think again i was in ibiza last year and one of my friends hired a moped fell off he was in hospital for a week. wearing a helmet will only only help you so
much if you slid along the ground for 100m in shorts and t-shirt.
I think you need a full licence, but take it easy as bobakazoo says, u see loads of people limping round with bandaged legs! But we've hired one loads - always good fun
yes you need a full license to rent. I am not sure about the age. I know for cars you must be at least 25
Nah you don't - I've hired cars over there and I'm not 25 yet - it's 21 in most places I think
i would avoid it...

i was once in a taxi to Pacha and the taxi drove into a moped

then the taximan got out and threatened the poor guy with a baton even though it looked like his leg was wrecked
forget it mate please dont, the drivers are crazy as f*** they drive into you and speed it, in one week i seen two ppl get run over on mo peds! one of them im sure was fatel! mate its not worth it
i just came back from ibiza, me and two mates rented mopeds for two days and it was fine, you will be ok as long as you drive sensibly. We had 125's which were quite nippy (70mph) and they cost 29 euros a day (bout twenty quid). You just have to hold a full license, dont think there is an age limit for mopeds. I am 19 and it was fine so......

If you do decide to go for it, be careful i agree there are some stupid drivers..just drive defensively.
why anyone would wanan rent any type of vehicle while being in a place like ibiza is beyond me...i havent been there yet but will be in 5 weeks and i wouldnt even think about anything else but public transportation
I just can say be careful. There are so many crashes.

Rent a car if u r old enough. It's way better.
:( yep! a spanish girl went in to my car when i was leaving my parking place.No offense but spanish people don't know how to drive on the whole=>see how slow they act in roundabout=>incredible! :lol: it makes traffic jam only by roundabouts.