moped hire info?


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i am thinking about hiring a moped this year for a day or 2,
can u give me a bif of info
how much ?
if u have to have a full driving licence, or can u jsut own a provisional?
" Helmets, insurance and local taxes all included.
(Always wear your helmet as fines are heavy.)
Current national license sufficient for moped rentals.Above 50cc rating, motorbike license required. "

any idea if that means u need a full driving licence ?
or will a provisional licence be ok ? (for muel n sig lmao)
Mopeds and Motorcycles
Safety Helmets Are Compulsory at all times on Mopeds, Scooters and Motorcycles.
On the spot fines start at 50 pounds and the Police are hyper vigilant. When renting mopeds and bikes, always deal with a company who specialise, making sure they offer a back up service should you require assistance. Also make sure you have adequate insurance cover and a secure locking system. A reliable company will supply helmets free and ensure you only hire what you are legally entitled to drive. No matter what you're driving, please take it easy.
They can be scary if your on a comedown...believe me.

My mate forgot his license so we got one between us. Thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to ibiza town with him on the back..he was more scared than me...the handles he was holding on to were slanted the wrong way, so every time i accelerated, he lost his grip. Hilarious. I filled it up when i brought it back.....76 cents - no lie. and half of that spilt on he floor, my hands etc. The stand is a right pain in the arse too!!!!

Happy Driving :confused:
My record is 1 go on a moped (ever) and 1 crash!!! Grazed hand - ouch!!!

Great way to see the Island though. We went up to the north through San Miguel from San An.

Go for it!
Looking at some of the driving out there (mainly wasted people decided to get into their cars after a club) I was put off hiring a car, let alone a moped.

I'm sure you have plenty of experience but just be on the safe side. (sorry to sound like your mum!)